Everything You Need to Know about Red Golden Retriever(2019 Edited)

red golden retriever

This guide will introduce everything you want to know about red golden retriever.

The red golden retriever is a breathtaking breed with their dark mahogany colouring that seems to dance with light and dark shades through a long, thick coat.

Many people wonder if they are truly golden retrievers.

The answer is yes. 

They are purebred golden retrievers and share all of the wonderful traits you should see in any golden retriever, you will see in your red golden retriever.

However, there are a few points that will set your pup apart from the golden retrievers you see in the confirmation show ring.

And we have all the information you need to determine if the red golden retriever is the right breed for you.


The Stunning Appearance of the Red Golden Retriever


Males: 23 to 24 inches (58.42 to 60.96cm)

Females: 21.5 to 22.5 inches (54.61 to 57.15cm)



Males: 65 to 75 pounds (29.48 to 34.02kg)

Females: 55 to 65 pounds (24.95 to 29.48kg)

red golden retriever

The red golden retriever is a large pup that should be graceful and elegant. This is a breed that should never be clumsy and while they tend to be lighter and more compact than the show golden retriever, they should still be majestic in appearance.

One of the main reasons why the red golden retriever is lighter, shorter and more compact is because it is bred for hunting and sporting.

The deep mahogany coat is not accepted by the AKC, so dogs are disqualified in the show ring if they are too red.

But what we are left with is a truly athletic pup with a well-proportioned body that illustrates a sturdy and well-rounded breed. They should have a slightly rectangular build — slightly longer than tall.

The red golden retrievers head should be broad and should taper at the muzzle. The nose should be black. Eyes should be brown and filled with intelligence giving the red golden retriever an alert look. Ears should be pendulum and hanging at the side of the head.

With the coat, the red golden retriever should have a thick, water-resistant double coat. It should be feathered on the legs, tail, which is medium in length, underbody and chest. The coat length should be medium in length and it may be straight or wavy.

Golden retrievers come in a range of golden colors, however, the red golden retriever comes in shades of red from light rust red to deep mahogany.


Temperaments that Prove Red Golden Retrievers are the Best

We all know that red golden retrievers are beautiful, but we may not realize just how wonderful these pups can be when it comes to temperament. In general, golden retrievers are happy and intelligent and the red golden retriever is no different.

They love being with their families and make an excellent family pup. They are generally very patient with kids and are polite with visitors. The red golden retriever is obedient and is happy to work if they are given a job.

While they will bark at strangers, they will welcome them into your home just as readily so don’t expect the breed to be a guard dog. Instead, love them for their sporting drive and their loyalty to their families.

One thing that should be mentioned with the red golden retriever that sets them apart from other golden retrievers is that the majority of these pups come from hunting and sporting lines. What this means is that they often have more energy and drive than other golden retrievers.

In addition, they can be more intelligent since they are bred to work, the red golden retriever is at his happiest when he has something to do. With that in mind, this pup is perfect for active families.


Where Did These Beautiful Pups Come From?

red golden retriever

The history of this beautiful pup is tied with the golden retriever.

Originally bred in the 1800’s, the red golden retriever was developed in England by breeding the Saint John’s Dog with several other breeds including the Tweed Water Spaniel, Red Setter, Labrador Retriever, Bloodhound and Wavy-Coated Retrievers.

These breedings took place between 1840 and 1865, however, the golden retriever was not well known until 1904.

In addition, they were not recognized as a breed until 1913. When developed, most golden retrievers were the yellow/golden color.

As they grew in popularity, the breed entered the US in the early 1920’s and were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925. The breed has continued to gain popularity and are considered to be one of the top breeds for families.

While the red coat of the red golden retriever has been seen since the breed was developed, there are some who believe that it may have been more outcrossing to Red Setters that produced the deep mahogany.

However, more and more research points to the rich mahogany being a part of the golden retriever’s heritage and history.


A Hardy and Happy Breed

Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years

As with all golden retrievers, the red golden retriever can suffer from some health problems. It is important to purchase pups from a breeder who does proper health testing. If you purchase from healthy parents, your pup is going to be happy and hardy throughout his life.

One major concern with this breed is the prevalence of numerous cancers. However, studies are being done to find the genetic link and to hopefully reduce the number of pups affected by cancer every year.

With health, all red golden retriever owners should be aware of the various health risks including:


  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Subaortic Stenosis
  • Hock Osteochondrosis
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cataracts

Finally, always be aware of your red golden retriever’s weight. These pups love food and they can be prone to obesity, which can increase the risk of them developing the above-mentioned health problems.

Welcoming a Red Golden Retriever into your Home

red golden retriever

Now that you know a lot about the red golden retriever, it’s time to look at having one of these majestic pups in your home. Overall, they make wonderful family pets. They are eager to please, which means they are easy to train, and these pups will learn anything you want to teach them.

In fact, they excel in dog sports, agility, obedience and hunting. They are excellent gun dogs and the majority of red golden retrievers are primarily bred for hunting.

What this means for their family is that they have an intelligent and active breed. That means that they will require frequent exercise both on leash and off. Expect to give your pup about 60 minutes of exercise a day to keep him happy so keep this in mind when choosing a pup. If you are looking for a jogging partner, then you found an excellent one in the red golden retriever.

Although the breed is eager to please, make sure you start training at a young age. They have a gentle mouth, which means they don’t bite hard, but they like to use their mouths. To prevent nipping, teach your pup not to nip at a young age and reinforce this throughout your red golden retriever’s life.

Another area you need to take into consideration before you choose this breed as your pup is that they don’t have an easy to care for coat. The red golden retriever requires daily grooming to remove dead hair.

They are known for shedding year-round, but they do have periods when they shed more than other times, usually fall and spring. Your pup should be bathed once a month at the very least and should be brushed out daily.

Since the breed has hanging ears, owners should pay extra attention to their ears. Inspect them daily for infection and clean them weekly. Nails should be trimmed twice a month to keep them short.

With diet, it is very important to feed your red golden retriever a high-quality dog food. Always take treats into account with your pup’s daily calories as the red golden retriever can become obese very easily if you let him.

Despite the work, the red golden retriever is a calm and loving family companion. They’re beauty sets them apart from other breeds and these special pups always take up a special place in their owner’s heart and home.


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Is the arouse sufficiently critical/analytical, or is it elementary descriptive?
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