Top 10 Pet-Friendly Hotels I Experienced

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Going on a vacation with a dog might sound challenging, especially in case you’ve already chosen a destination of your dreams. However, pets are our family members that deserve to stay involved in everything, even to our holidays.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of pet-friendly hotels that will help you spend a relaxing time with your four-legged friend.

We all know how dog owners can feel sad about leaving their dogs to boarding kennels. The things can be especially difficult in case you own a companion dog breed. Since companion dogs used to work alongside their owners, they can start feeling anxious and depressed by realizing their owners are not by their side.

Even when you want to spend a weekend without your pooch can cause him to feel sad and stressful. Therefore, it’s advisable to take your four-legged friend with you whenever you can.

To make sure you’ve packed all the essentials for your furry friend, we decided first to introduce you with the over needed checklist.


What to bring to a pet-friendly hotel for your dog?

It’s an undeniable fact that your pet would be happy to spend a holiday with you. It’s the time when you’ll not go to work and leave him/her to spend time alone.

On the other hand, for some dogs,  relocation and changing a sleeping place may seem stressful by themself. In case you’ve already packed your suitcases, make sure you didn’t forget to take the following items for your four-legged friend.

Collar with an ID tag

Sometimes, we can’t predict certain situations to happen. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep your pet safe when spending time in a foreign country by putting a collar with an ID tag on his/her neck.

In some states, this rule is even prescribed by the law. The ID tag should consist of a dog’s name and your phone number. Another thing to consider is to make sure the microchip contact details are up to date.

Harness and leash

In case you own a brachycephalic dog breed or your dog doesn’t feel comfortable to carry a leash on it, it’s recommended to bring a harness to a pet-friendly hotel.

Harnesses not only provide better support to a dog’s body, but they are also suitable when going to long walks. In the case of going hiking, harnesses will surely make your pooch feel more comfortable.

Dog blanket

We all know that dogs like to feel the smell of their homes whenever they are. Therefore, your dog’s blanket with his scent will make him feel relaxed and calmed when spending time in a new environment.

In case you forgot to bring it with you, your dirty shirt can become his/her a great replacement.

Dog food

How can we forget about bringing dog food? Regardless of whether you went to spend only a weekend out of a town, it’s not advisable to suddenly change a dog’s diet.

Otherwise, your pooch might experience diarrhea and stomach flatulence. To be honest, these issues could really ruin your holiday.

Dog toys

It’s an undeniable fact that dogs like to play with toys to stay entertained. However, dog toys not only improve your dog’s intelligence, but they also prevent them from suffering from separation anxiety.

Many interactive dog toys can keep your pet occupied while you’re having a bath, drinking a coffee, or having lunch.

Dog Clothes and shoes

One of the most important things to consider is the season when you go on holiday. In case you are going to spend a winter holiday, then your dog should wear appropriate clothes just like you. Of course, this rule doesn’t apply if you own a mountain dog breed such as Siberian Husky.

Regardless if you are walking on snow or hot sand, your four-legged friend needs to wear protective shoes. When your dog wears boots, you’ll prevent his paws from becoming cracked or getting cuts and blisters. Note that road salt in winter can do severe damages to hit sensitive paw pads.


The list of Pet-friendly hotels where you can spend a holiday

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I have experienced a lot of hotels with my dog, below are some of the best experienced in my opinion.

Days Inn by Windham

This hotel chain is available in dozens of USA countries, Canada and the UK. They usually charge the 10$ fee per night for a dog. However, before you make a reservation, we advise you to make sure that the hotel location you chose allows pets.

Best Western

With more than 1,600 hotels owned by Best Western hotel chains across the USA, Canada, and the Carribean, they allow bringing up to two dogs per room (80 lbs per animal).

In this pet-friendly hotel, you can be sure that you’ll have a peaceful holiday. Their staff will provide you recommendations on pet-friendly parks, restaurants, and stores when you can enjoy your stay in a foreign country.

In case you own other pet types such as birds, monkeys, snake, or cats, they are allowed at the discretion of each property and require prior approval.

 Before you make a reservation, it’s advisable to call the hotel directly so you can get the information from ‘first hand.’

Four Seasons

One of the best pet-friendly hotels on our list is the Four Seasons hotel chain. Besides you can rent a pet-friendly room in Four Seasons hotels worldwide, you’ll also rent a home in one of their splendid locations.

Their villas and apartments feature a legendary service and amenities, where you’ll feel like in your own home.  

Your dog can be accommodated in Four Seasons’ rooms if it doesn’t exceed 30 kg. It also needs to be potty-trained and should not be left alone without supervision.

Since it’s not allowed to bring a pet to the hotels’ restaurant, pool, and spa center, you’ll need to book a dog-sitter via the Concierge-desk.

However, the good thing is that your pooch will have a comfy dog bed, feeding bowl, dog food, and even Evian spring water to drink. In other words, he’ll be able to enjoy a splendid and luxurious vacay.

The Fairmont Hotel

Fairmont hotels can be found on every continent around the world. They allow up to two pets per room with a cleaning fee of 50$ per day. Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant however, guide dogs are complimentary.

The pets should also be leashed to escape any unpleasant situation with other guests. Before you make a reservation, it’s advisable to check the fees. In some of their hotels, dogs can stay for free and even get handmade treats.

Red Roof Inn

With more than 500 pet-friendly hotels, the Red Roof Inn hotel chain doesn’t charge for your pet’s stay. They are not allowed to be left unattended in a room, and the owner should not bring them to the restaurant.

When we talk about the size of allowed four-legged guests, they should not exceed 80 pounds.


The World famous hotel chain Marriott offers more than 1,500 pet-friendly hotels. Since the rules and prices may vary from location, we advise you to first check the pet fee and the allowed dog’s size and breed.


The Travelodge hotel chain has more than 550 pet-friendly hotels over the UK, Spain, and Ireland. Their pet fee usually starts from 10$ per night, however it may vary from property to property.


Aloft hotels offer not only tasty treats for your pooch but also a cozy dog bed, feeding bowls, and other equipment that will make your stay exceptional. Most of their pet-friendly hotels don’t charge fees, while their weight limit should not cross 40 lbs.

Sleep Inn

The Sleep Inn hotels offer more than 180 pet-friendly properties. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a warm and modern interior with comfy beds both for you and your pet. Since Sleep Inn’s pet policies may vary from location to location, it’s advisable first to check the weight limits and pet fees.

MainStay Suites

In case you want to escape hotels and you want to feel the home atmosphere while you’re on vacation, then we advise you to take a look at the MainStay Suites. It’s because you’ll get the apartment-living conditions with a fully equipped kitchen and other amenities.

The MainStay Suites currently offers 30 pet-friendly apartments all around the USA. The condo definitely presents a better solution when you want to spend an extended holiday with your dog.


The reasons to bring a pet to spend a vacation with its owner

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  • One of the best reasons to spend a holiday with a dog is that you’ll be able to make an unbreakable bond with your pet. You two will be able to enjoy a vacation of your life. There will be no going to work, preparing lunch, washing laundry, and doing other boring stuff.


  • It’s known that dogs are curious creatures that enjoy discovering new odors, nature, and places,  so you can be sure that he’ll be thrilled by the fact he spends time with you in a new environment.


  • You’ll be more active in case you take your pet on holiday. Since our pooches are ‘energy bombs,’ you’ll surely get in shape without going to the gym.


  • We all know that boarding kennels are expensive. Therefore, why not save some money and take your pet with you. In the end, you will not feel worried about leaving a dog at the dog sitting center.


  • Here we come to the most important reason! There are countless pet-friendly hotels that will literally prepare a red carpet for your four-legged friend. In some hotels, they even provide a dog with plenty of treats,  unique drinking and feeding bowls, and other equipment.


Extra safety tips when traveling with your pet

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  • In case you’re traveling by car, it’s advisable to take short breaks every two hours. To escape potential dangers and your dog’s unwanted behavior, we recommend you always to put your pet in a travel seat.


  • Do not leave your dog in a car alone even for a minute. Since the temperature in a vehicle can go double in a short time, your pooch may get heatstroke. On the other hand, in cold weather, a car acts like a refrigerator.


  • Hydration is essential both for you and your pooch. When traveling, we advise you to feed your pet with multiple small meals instead of giving it one big. In that way, you’ll prevent your dog from digestive discomfort and stomach pains.


  • In case you want to take your dog to swim, make sure you bring a dog life jacket. Dog breeds such as French bulldogs, Pugs, and other brachycephalic breeds may sink faster due to their flat skulls and short legs.



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