Yulin Dog Festival in 2019: A Chinese Tell You Why They Eat Dog

yulin dog meat festival

I am Tony, a native Chinese.

This guide I will introduce everything you want to know about Yulin dog festival, why Chinese eat dog meat, and some frequently asked questions.

I was born in Heilongjiang, northeast of China, and 29 years old now. When I was a little child, I was accompanied by my grandma’s Chinese rural dog and however, she has no name.

I was very naughty and always playling with her, but never was she angry or bored with me. When I go to school every morning, she accompanied with me there;

When I was after school every afternoon, she was always still standing in front of my school, right there waiting for me.

Once a black dog barked unfriendly to me, I was scared into crying. She fight with that dog without any hesitation. Though hurt by that black dog, she wagged her tail and was happy to protect me.

She was my best friend in my childhood and I swear to protect her when I grow up.

But I had no chance to do that.

One night my neighbor borrowed her and said to “catch a rabbit”, but never did she come back. After a week I was told “she was killed and eaten by my drunk neighbor”.

I was extremely sorrowful!

Every one who has lost a dog will know that feeling!

I wanted to fiercely beat my neighbor but I was just a child then. Why he did that?

She passed away for more than 20 years, but I still miss her.

Although eating dog is not very strange in China, but I will never do that. I wrote many Chinese and English articles to appeal people to stop hurting or eating dogs and cats.

You must think native Chinese are wild and bad here, yes? They eat cute dogs and cats.

As I am grown up and more mature, I know all the reasons.

Although many Chinese are rich nowadays, but they are very poor 20-30 years ago. They have the most of population in the world and many of them are lack of food.

So they eat everything in the nature. Not only will Chinese eat beef, pork, fish, but also dogs, cats, snakes, horses, donkeys, frogs, mice, fox and even locust. 

Many foreigners in China must know Chinese eat animals' offals such as heart, kidney, gut, liver, head or something else.

You may have watched the TV show "Man vs. Wild" acted by Bear Grylls. I have to say, Chinese eat more varieties than Bear Grylls.

Here are some pictures of what Chinese eat:

1.Chicken's Claw



4. Frog


6. Scorpion

7.Pig's Brain

8.Duck's Neck

9. Cricket


10. Stink Egg

11.Cat Meat


13. Pig Feet

14. Balut

Now you know how crazy Chinese are.

It’s said that the rabbits are not under control and they destroyed the grasslands in Australia. It can not be happened in China. We will eat them up.

Even the crayfish which are extremely prolific, they are eaten up in China.

So dogs are just a kind of meat. They are not considered as a specific species for some people.

Now you may have a question:

Do All Chinese People Eat Dogs?

We have ancient sayings"再穷不杀看门狗、再饿不吃耕地牛" "子不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫", it means no matter how poor you are, you should not kill your dog, and your dog will never leave you away, just as the child will never consider their mom to be ugly even she is old.

But there are too many people in China, more than 1.5 billion. Someone foreigners find that 10,000 people eat dog, they post the discovery on every social media, broadcast it on the TV,spread it on the blog, raise awareness, hold public campaign, talk about it to anyone and everyone. Soon most of the people in your country believe that every Chinese abuse and eat dogs.

Some individuals in China truly eat dogs, but it's only a very small number of the 1.5 billion population base. When I was young, I often saw the news which people was shot in the US on TV, so I believed that the US was not a safe country, everyone there had a gun, and they would shoot me when they were not in a good mood.

Is that true?

Not really. But that's the job of Media. Although those who eat dogs and cats are very few number in China, the media would love to make it look like half of Chinese are eating dogs every day.

But the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is Holding Annually, What is it and Why not Stop it?

As a Chinese people, I have never heard about Yulin and Yulin Dog Festival 5 years ago. But the festival is taken place in 2009 for the first year, and now is holding every year in the summer.It is said that 10,000 dogs are eaten every year during the festival, cat meat and lychees are also available.

In fact, Yulin is a very small city in China, never will I know it if the city don't hold the dog festival. It's known by nearly every Chinese now just for the dogs.

Although eating dogs are not illegal in China, but the public are appealing not to do it any more. Almost all of my friends under 30 years old said straightforwardly they would resist this festival. The attitude are changing greatly these years.This festival is under huge pressure and many of the dogs were rescued these years.

Less and less dogs are ate and in my opinion, the dog festival will be stopped in the near future. It's a tendency of public.

What's the Chinese Attitude to Yulin Dog Festival?

Xiaoyun Yang, a not rich 65 year old Chinese woman, saved more than 3,500 dogs until now. She sold her house and spent all her money to buy dogs from Yulin.

In 2015, she spent 15,000 CNY to save 360 dogs and begged the resturant owner not to kill the dogs. Her story is influencing the whole China, and many Chinese donate money or go the same way to save dogs with her.

I know the westerns love dogs and see dogs as their friends. China is also a dog loving country, a lot of heart warming stories of saving dogs are spreading fast online and offline.

A poll taken by Horizon (by China Animal Welfare Association) shows that 70% Chinese have never eaten dog meat. In my opinion, the other 30% who have eaten dog are most more than 40 years old. My uncle actually ate dogs when he was young, and never have I heard my young friends eating dogs.

62% Chinese people think Yulin damages China's reputation, although it's not the fault of Yulin city, for most Yulin people also hate this festival.

What's the attitude of government about Eating dogs in China?

If it's illegal to eat dog meat, no one will eat dogs in China. However, it's just a dream that does not come true. There are no related policies to ban killing and eating dogs, for the government have to consider about the population's custom.

But Chinese police smash dog-meat gang that stole pet dogs.

As we know, most of the dogs in Yulin Festival come from the theft gang. The dog meat is worth 40-60 CNY per kilogram, so someone will steal others’ dogs or catch the abandoned dogs in the city.

Anyone who stole others’ pet dog is not legal, and will be arrested by the police in China.

Will Chinese Save or Donate to the one who save dogs?

We know Xiaoyun Yang has saved more than 3,500 dogs these years, some of her money was raised on the Internet and donated by the dog lovers in China.

Of course, there are more animal lovers to donate their energy and money to save dogs.

If you have ever watched the douyin(Tik Tok) short video, most young people will save an abandoned dog rather than abuse or kill them.

Also, these kinds of videos got millions of likes and shares, the behavior of saving dogs and cats is highly raised by almost all of the Chinese youngsters.

I still believe that, almost all human beings are kind-hearted, the traditional culture will be abandoned and Chinese will protect animals as the westerns do.

There are some animal or dog saving organizations in China, but not as mature as the USA. It's just booming now.

What other countries that are still eat dogs in the world?

In China and South Korea, the traditional of eating dogs can be from 400 years ago. What's more, People in Switzerland/Russia/Vietnam/French Polynesia are also have the custom to eat dogs.

It's obviously that Switzerland and Korea are much more rich than China on average wealth,but they are still keeping the custom to eat dogs.

You know Chinese are suffering hungry and poverty in recent years, when people are starving, they have to forget what is cute, and just want to have a full stomach first.

Now Chinese people are richer than before, although not as wealthy as Switzerland and Korea, they are changing their custom, and eating dogs will soon be stopped in China with the influence of so many dog lovers.


Now you know a lot about why Chinese eat dogs and something about Yulin dog meat festival. Of course we are trying our best to save the dogs and we also hope the world to know that most Chinese people are fighting against eating dogs.

If you need some help, please contact me petpetbuy@gmail.com.


March 24, 2019 at 22:09

I will never eat dog.
I had 3 dogs.They live with me for already 5 years.
They are so cute,so honest.
love them.

March 20, 2019 at 15:15

perché é buono?

March 20, 2019 at 02:42

Why don’t you mention the torturing? What is the reason for That? Because its proven thst if someone can do that to an animal then they usually move on to humans next. And to see that there is a legal festival for psychopaths to get together and be horrid is absolutely terfying to the rest of the world. So if China is worried about their reputation then the choice should be obvious as to what to do about the torture fest.

March 19, 2019 at 19:36

Dogs enhance your mood.Love dog ,love life.Please help together, help the dog.

Liz Strickland
March 19, 2019 at 08:39

Its not so much the eating of dogs as much as it is the TORTURING them first! Dogs are so lovable and Loyal and do NOT Deserve to be tortured ! Boiled Alive , Burned Alive is simply EVIL!!! If you gotta eat , Kill them Instantly, DO NOT Torture them and do Not Steal People pets!!!

March 09, 2019 at 09:36

whatever, I will eat dog.I love my dog so much.

January 30, 2019 at 20:43

I don’t think we’ve had an article about the dog meat festival from the perspective of a chinese person, so I really enjoyed it. Dog is just meat like any other; lots of Chinese people love dogs and don’t eat dog.

Steven jack
January 25, 2019 at 10:40

Eating dogs is not illegal in China. Around 10 to 20 million are killed for human consumption every year and although the festival is new the custom can be traced back at least 400 years. But attitudes are changing. Keeping dogs as pets was banned during the Cultural Revolution, but dog ownership has become popular among China’s growing middle-class; there are now 62 million registered as pets. Animal activists, celebrities and younger Chinese citizens have been increasingly vocal on social media about opposing dog eating festivals and the practice in general.

January 24, 2019 at 09:42

Thanks for your article,Tony.
I love dog.And I have 3 dogs.
why they eat dog?
I can’t believe that.
Dog is so cute and honest.

January 23, 2019 at 23:20

Why not?

It’s in their culture, dogs aren’t any more cute, intelligent or deserving of life than other animals the western world eats like lambs and pigs. While eating cats and dogs make people angry in the western world, eating beef would anger a lot of Indians and there are a billion of them so maybe we should stop eating cows.

You can talk about the treatment of dogs in the countries that eat them, but the other animals they eat aren’t treated any better.

If you take issue with other countries eating dogs then you better be a vegetarian because there is no moral difference between eating dog or pig.

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