8 Best Broom for Pet Hair [2020 Reviews]

Just because you have a shedding golden retriever doesn’t mean you have to live with the carpet full of dog hair, dander, and (gosh!) the dreadful odors.

We pet owners can never escape from some pet parenthood responsibilities; pet hair removal being top in the list. Especially for new beagle owners.

You see, a beagle’s hair is short and hard to notice. You can easily find yourself living in a home full of pet hair whose smell you’ve grown blind to. Take a good cleaning tool that’s designed for pet hair removal and you’ll be shocked how much pet hair you’ve been living with.

But, I cannot find fault with new dog owners. The prices for some cleaning tools can be quite exorbitant. Personally, I wouldn’t advise anyone to spend a dollar more than they have a budget for. It’s simply efficient.

That is why I recommend that new pet owners use brooms designed with pet hair in mind. They are effective. They are easy to use. They are light and maneuverable. And they certainly won’t leave a hole in your wallet!

Now you can have a cleaner home -free of pet hair- for under $40. And, if you are already using a vacuum, having a broom for pet hair can save you some good electricity money if you turn to sweeping often and vacuum weekly or whenever you feel like there’s too much hair in your carpets and floor.


Best Broom for Pet Hair Review and Guide


1.Evriholder FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom(Check Latest Price)

Evriholder FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

This broom pulls dog fur like a magnet. The best thing is that it is uniquely designed to clean multiple surfaces too; carpets & rugs, hardwood floors, tiled walls, and windows.

How it removes pet hair is just amazing. The natural rubber it is made of picks up static charge when you are brushing through the rug or floor.

This static then attracts the pet hair that is now dislodged and brought to the surface when you ran the brush through. I don’t think any regular broom can come close to what you can achieve with this. 

You can use the squeegee extension when working on hardwood floors and tiles. That is the flat side of the broom that acts as a wiper.

I always recommend spraying a bit of water on the surface so the pet hair and dirt become damp and more likely to stick together. You would be scraping the fur and dirt off the floor and into the dustpan in easy to collect piles.

While it looks like a traditional style upright broom, you’ll tell right from the telescoping handle design that it’s far advanced than that trusty ol’ traditional broom. By turning the top black portion of your FURemover broom, you can extend it to get 2 ft. extra length.

It’s slim profile -with a wide 12-inch cleaning path- easily gets to the elusive debris and pet hair that hides in those hard-to-reach areas.

If you have a special hook in the kitchen for your broom, you can neatly hang it from the ring at the top tip. Be sure to clean the broom first. Fur and dirt wash easily off the natural rubber and it dries fast too.

Features at a glance:

  • 100% natural rubber
  • Removal head
  • Squeegee edge extension
  • Wash away dirt and fur
  • Telescopic pole adjusting
  • Handle length (extendable) 3 ft to 6 ft
  • Cleaning path width 12 inches
  • Broom Size dimensions: 4”x4”x37”



  • Removes hair like a magnet
  • Dries spills and water from various surfaces
  • Extendable handle can reach farther under furniture
  • Can reach high up areas
  • Sweeps away sidewalks with light snow
  • Wash to maintain your broom; dries quickly
  • Stores snugly on the kitchen hook



  • Bristles are not angled for edge cleaning
  • Deep pile carpets can be problematic


2.Bissell Pet Hair Broom, 1778(Check Latest Price)

Bissell Pet Hair Broom

If you are looking for a durable, well-made, lightweight, and comfortable-to-use broom for tackling pet hair, this Bissell broom is ideal. You’ll love the results you can achieve with this broom -using less effort- instead of having to drag out the heavy vacuum every day. It makes cleaning fun and easy, especially if you pair it with a good dustpan equipped with a rubber comb for removing pet hair and debris from the broom.

With this broom, you will have an easy experience cleaning dog hair, feathers, and even human hair if you cut hair in your home. I especially love how it does the trick with the long hair from a golden retriever. Long dog hair is known to be notorious for tangling and getting stuck on the vacuum brush. It works perfectly for short dog hair too. The rubber bristle grabs the dog hair and holds it as if to a magnet so it doesn’t stir and resettles. Overall, this is a great broom for working on the carpet and hard floors.

I love that the rubber bristles on this broom are retractable so you can use it as a regular broom to efficiently gather up all messes without scattering. The handle too is adjustable so it’ll work perfectly for you and your 3-inch--taller husband.

The angled trim design and a slight swivel action at the base of the handle allow for a superior reach. You can easily reach corners and sweep those inaccessible, narrow spaces along the baseboard as well as under the kitchen cabinet.

More people have said that they’d have loved it better if the handle came apart completely for easy storing in smaller spaces. Reasonable request, but I feel like the shortening and lengthening makes for good enough storage -it doesn’t have to get super-short or anything to hang on the hook in the laundry room.

Features at a glance:

  • Traditional style design
  • Retractable rubber bristles
  • broom is angled
  • Adjustable handle: 38-inch to 60- inch
  • Cleaning width: 11-inch



  • Rubber bristles attract and remove pet hair
  • Sweeps like a regular broom when rubber bristles are retracted
  • Cleans multiple surfaces; carpets, bare floors
  • Broom is angled to reach corners and clean edges
  • Extra-long pole reaches farther under furniture and high up areas



  • Sides are too wide to get into tighter spaces
  • Not washable
  • Excellent results on low pile rugs only but not deep pile rugs
  • Has a smaller cleaning path width
  • Doesn’t include a squeegee tool


3.Fur Buster Pet Hair Removal Broom(Check Latest Price)

Fur Buster Pet Hair Removal Broom

Rubber brooms designed for pet hair removal are essential in pet care and pet home cleanups because of their efficient hair-gathering capacities. This Foxtrot Living’s rubber broom is effective on multiple surfaces so you can clean the carpet, stairs, tiled kitchen, windows and hardwood floors.

It is made of hundreds of natural rubber bristles. These are the best stuff for de-hairing your carpeted living room. The bristles grab dog hair fast and easy so you finish up cleaning quickly and move onto other chores around the house.

This broom has a flexible rubber squeegee that can be used to clean the tiled kitchen or the bathroom tile. It also wipes windows and car windscreens clean because it acts as a wiper.

I find this to be quite handy especially on hard floors. You won’t have to use that rugged towel to wipe out excess water from your wet floor. Personally, I prefer cleaning from a standing position.

The beauty of this broom is in its long but adjustable handle. Now, the kids can help with the cleaning. You can extend the broom to a 50-inch reach so you clean as far under furniture and behind tight spots as the dirt is hiding.

This broom will easily outlast that regular broom. Because it is made of rubber, removing debris and pet hair is as easy as running soapy water through it, and gently working the lather into the bristles. of course, you’ll then rinse and dry to store.

Features at a glance:

  • Rubber broom and squeegee
  • Long adjustable handle 30” to 50”
  • Durable plastic brush cap and neck
  • Sturdy aluminum shaft
  • Wide cleaning path 12-inch



  • Populated with hundreds of rubber bristles for effortless fur and lint removal
  • Cleans multiple surfaces, cement, hardwood, tiles, windows, and carpets
  • Wet, dry, indoor, outdoor cleaning
  • The handle jack is angled for easy sweeping
  • Washable rubber broom will last long
  • The shaft is strong and sturdy



  • Bristles are not angled for easy edge sweeping
  • 1-inch high bristles are no match for a deep pile rug


4.Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake(Check Latest Price)

Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

This carpet rake by Grandi Groom can sweep your dog hair effortlessly. Right away, you notice its extra-wide head that gives an 18-inch cleaning path. Not only does it make cleaning easy, but you also finish the job faster.

Whether you want to remove short dog hair or long human hair from your carpet, this rake works magic and brings all the deep-seated dirt up and collects hairs like a magnet. It works great on both low pile and deep pile carpets. Although you might have to deal with some slight resistance when working on the latter.

If you prefer vacuuming, you can use this rake to lift the carpet pile so it removes the vacuum lines and looks neat. I figure sweeping a vacuumed carpet also helps remove the lint and dirt your vacuum might have missed. It’s a great way to maintain the nap of your carpet.

Product quality is there. This broom looks simple but it really is a solid tool. Its 54-inch handle is made of sturdy wood so you can use it as vigorously as you need to loosen and remove embedded dirt. The head is made of quality hard -plastic bristles -kind of like you find on carpet cleaning firms’ rakes. These are very effective at reaching deep into your carpet and bringing ground in debris, hair, and pet fur to the surface so you can clean easily.

The biggest concern you might have about this broom is that the handle is not adjustable. Even so, I find that the swing action -around where the handle joins to the head- helps angle the broom such that it becomes easy for shorter people to use it.

Features at a glance:

  • Simple rake
  • Attractive blue color and finish
  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Widest cleaning path, 18-inch
  • Wooden handle, 54-inch



  • Simple design but practical and high performance
  • Works great on deeply seated dirt, hair, and fur
  • Rake can also be used outdoors on the patio and even the lawn
  • Sturdy broom doesn’t break even when used vigorously
  • Maintains the nap of your carpet
  • Can be used after vacuuming to remove the vac stripes
  • Easy pull to clean action
  • 18-inch-wide head cleans large spaces like a breeze


  • The bristles are plastic and can scratch polished surfaces
  • Handle isn’t adjustable in length
  • Doesn’t feature a squeegee


5.RAVMAG Rubber Broom & Squeegee(Check Latest Price)

RAVMAG Rubber Broom & Squeegee

If you have multiple pets in your home and still use the traditional broom, you’ll be totally blown by the performance of this broom. RAVMAG combines two cleaning tools into a single handy broom designed with pet homes in mind. Don’t be mistaken though…you’ll find this broom in a lot of barber shops. Its rubber bristles will clean pet hair and human hair like it was never there. It’s a versatile cleaning tool that can be used on multiple surfaces including carpets, the deck, hardwood floors, tiles, and even glass windows.

Not only does this broom pull dog hair effortlessly, but also it wipes spills using the squeegee tool. You need not look for special wipers to clean your car’s windshield or the kitchen tiles. This broom works perfectly.

This broom just won’t break. When you have the handle correctly fixed in place (you have to push and twist the handle into the head until the upper indentations are level with the extended neck of the brush cap) there is no way the shaft will break when cleaning.

The broom itself is made of durable, high-performance TPR (thermoplastic rubber). It is lightweight and gentler on your polished surfaces. They will never leave a scratch on your furniture. The premium TPR bristles also have high impact strength and are tough enough to be used on rough outdoor walkways without worrying about wear or loss of shape.

Want to leave your broom outside? No worries, this broom will resist weather and chemicals. It is a premium broom you are sure will outlive those expensive vacuum cleaners. And, unlike vacuums and shampooers, this broom needs only cleaning with soapy water after use.

Features at a glance:

  • 100% TPR rubber
  • Squeegee edge included
  • Hanging ring
  • Steel handle; 55-inch
  • Wide cleaning head, 12 inches



  • Advanced cleaning technology easily lifts dirt, lint, hair, and fur
  • Multipurpose cleaning tool; broom, floor brush, and squeegee
  • Squeegee helps wipe spills and wet tiles and windows
  • Doesn’t leave scratch marks on polished surfaces
  • Rubber bristles and cleaning head is washable and requires little maintenance
  • TPR bristles are long-lasting
  • Indestructible steel shaft will not bend or break


  • Shaft does not adjust the length


6.Homemaxs Broom and Dustpan Set(Check Latest Price)

omemaxs Broom and Dustpan Set

This broom looks like a traditional broom but really, it’s not. Homemaxs took the traditional upright broom style and added a modern touch to it for their broom. It is made of plastic and uses high-impact strength PET bristles with remarkable cleaning performance.

The long synthetic PET bristles quickly pull dog fur, lint, and human hair from the carpet. It’s also perfect for other kinds of messes; dust and debris. Sadly, you cannot use this broom to sweep out mud; you’ll only spread it around more. Even so, you need not worry should your broom get a little wet or muddy. The PET bristles do not absorb water. This is actually good since you can now wash your broom after use. Easy maintenance means it’s going to serve you for the long haul.

The Homemaxs broom comes with a dustpan for easy collection of dirt and pet hair. Having long handles on both the broom and dustpan makes cleaning effortless since you won’t have to bend every time you have to sweep the house. The rubber combs affixed to the top entry of the dustpan is what makes this set appealing to most. They look like rubber teeth that latch on to the pet hair and all the dirt, leaving it to remain in the dustpan. I find this helps to prevent redistributing fur and dirt that’s already picked up.

The slim profile makes it easy to get around corners and through to inaccessible spots and the bristles are angled at 45o so you can clean along the wall edges. The adjustable handle can be shortened to the size of your kids whenever they are helping out with the cleaning. I love that the dustpan shaft has a tube holder clip in which you can push the broom shaft so the two (broom and dustpan) can be stored away as a single tool.

Most complaints about this set are trivial but they are worth factoring in, nonetheless. The most common issue has to do with the dustpan not being able to stand on its own when you're sweeping. If you leaving standing in the middle of the room without any support, it might tip over and damage some of your valuables.

Features at a glance:

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Synthetic PET bristles, angled
  • Long-shaft on both tools, sturdy
  • Dustpan fitted with rubber combs
  • Tube holder clip affixed on dustpan shaft
  • Low-profile dustpan



  • It’s a full cleaning tool, complete with broom and dustpan
  • Long handles on both broom and dustpan saves your back and knee
  • Cleans dust, dirt, fur, lint, and hair effortlessly
  • Angled bristles clean edges perfectly
  • Long bristles attract dirt and doesn’t get redistributed by gentle winds
  • PET bristles clean easy



  • Longer bristles and broom head doesn’t clean areas with smaller allowance
  • Broom isn’t meant to clean deep pile carpets
  • Doesn’t have a squeegee for wiping out wet messes


7.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom and Squeegee(Check Latest Price)

SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom and Squeegee

Whether you are cleaning the carpet for pet hair, sweeping the bedroom floor after cutting hair, or drying up your patio, you’ll appreciate how Mr. Siga brooms are handy. The brooms are made using soft rubber bristles that attract hair and lint to leave your carpets looking all clean. There is also a squeegee on this broom that wipes off water and spills effortlessly.

The rubber brush and squeegee are made sort but really durable. They do not easily wear out and maintaining the brush is as easy as running water and cleaning with soap. The handle is hard and true. There’s no way you can bend or break this broom just using it to clean. You can tell how sturdy the whole thing is just from how it holds when there is some resistance during carpet cleaning.

 The broom has a 12-inch cleaning width that makes cleaning larger spaces faster and easier. The pole has a telescopic pole that can be drawn out from 29 inches to 57 inches in length. This not only makes it remarkably comfortable for people of any height to use it but also makes cleaning far under furniture very easy.

The most common issue many users have raised is that the broom does not have any swiveling action to make edge cleaning or reach inaccessible areas easy. I also found it to be rather weighty – compared to other quality brooms in the market. While it won’t tire you as much as the vacuum will, the kids will certainly appreciate a lighter broom if they have to help out with the cleaning.

Features at a glance:

  • Non-abrasive rubber
  • Integrated squeegee
  • Water-resistant cleaning head
  • Durable
  • Telescoping handle
  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • 57-inch max reach



  • Soft rubber bristle won’t scratch your floors or window
  • Cleans multiple surfaces
  • Excellent hair, lint and pet fur collection capabilities
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reasonable price for quality offered
  • Perfect for removing deep-seated dirt before vacuuming



  • Pole is fixed and doesn’t slant; bristles are not angled for edge cleaning
  • A bit of resistance when sweeping through deep pile carpets
  • Isn’t as light as most other brooms in its league


8.RAVMAG Silicone- Rubber Broom(Check Latest Price)

RAVMAG Silicone- Rubber Broom

I recommend this broom for homeowners with shedding dogs. It might just put the vacuum cleaner beater bar to rest from continually getting tangled up in pet hair. I know dog owners whose vacuums have survived for using the RAVMAG Silicone broom. It removes most of the problematic pet hair so the vacuum can do its work effortlessly. I find that this greatly reduces belt breakages.

Using this broom at least twice per week for pet home carpets -especially before the weekly vacuuming- gets you the best results. This broom uses 100% silicone bristles that get charged up by static electricity. This is what pulls and grabs lint and pet hair until you dispose of them. It’s a great broom to use at the hairdressers and barbers.

I find that this broom works better on low pile carpets and rugs. You get excellent performance when cleaning hardwood, cement floors, and kitchen tiles as well. Cleaning these surfaces is the easiest, unlike when cleaning a plush carpet; you have to exert a bit of pressure, which can be tiring if you have to clean a full-size room regularly. Using shorter strokes will save you time and effort.

There is a squeegee that you can use to clean spills off the hard floors and even wipe tiles. I know a friend who uses the squeegee on this broom to get snow off their car – saves him time and he doesn’t have to get someone else to do it for him. The handle is long enough -55inch- so I figure he only uses little effort pushing the snow off the car.

You’ll love the maneuverability on this broom. It comes in a low-profile cleaning head design that gets dirt from under the furniture. It also has a knuckle joint that can be set to different angles for easy sweeping farther under furniture and those hard-to-reach areas.

Features at a glance:

  • 100% Silicone bristles
  • Slanted bristle arrangement
  • Squeegee included
  • Angling knuckle joint
  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • 55-inch handle



  • Can clean cement, hard floors, carpets, tiles, etc
  • Silicone bristles can charge with static to pull hair, lint, and pet fur
  • Integrated squeegee wipes spills and water off floor or glass
  • Perfect for removing dirt and dust from deep in the carpet
  • Reduces need to vacuum frequently
  • Dirt doesn’t get stuck to the broom
  • Washable broom



  • The handle height is fixed so it cannot be shortened when want to help out
  • Have to get a dustpan separately


Over to you

Brooms are simple but efficient household cleaning tools that can make caring for a home with pets much easier and fun. Seriously, up to 80% of problematic pet hair can be removed by sweeping both regularly and properly.

The best thing is that you don’t need a manual to use a cleaning tool as simple as a broom. Even so, be sure you pick the right broom for pet hair. Doing so will make a huge difference in your fight against pet hair. You’ll control the typical pet smells we pet owners have now become smell blind to. Most importantly, your home will look cleaner.