Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers for Small & Large Pets [2020 Reviews]

best dog bike trailers

Biking with your dog is an excellent opportunity to bond with your canine buddy. But some dogs are just not cut out for running long distances - especially senior puppies and our short muzzle babies.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to sacrifice your love for cycling because you have an exercise intolerant dog. Neither am I suggesting that you leave them home when you go have fun alone! With a good bike trailer, both you and your fur baby can enjoy a bike ride adventure.

Finding the best dog bike trailer, however, is the biggest problem most cycling enthusiast dog owners face. There are just too many pet bike trailers to choose from.

You don’t want to pick a trailer that won’t hold your dogs’ weight! Nor, do you want to go for a trailer that takes ages to put together or fold up when you’re not using it. A unit exposes you and your dog to risk of accidents while on the road is the worst.

There are just so many considerations to factor when choosing a bike trailer for dogs.  Key among them being:

  • Safety features like leash harness, flags, suspensions.
  • Comfort and interior space. A dog must feel good in their fort.
  • Frame composition and bottom support for holding your pup.
  • How easy is it to assemble, clean, and fold?
  • Overall cabin and trailer design. Aesthetics matter too.
  • Weather resistance and cabin ventilation.

Fortunately, we have put together a review of six best dog bike trailers, so you start your search with a win. We have considered several issues that most cycling enthusiasts who are dog lovers look for when choosing their trailers. These are also pet bike trailers that we feel good about and are confident about their build.


Best Trailers For Biking With Your Dog


1.Schwinn Rascal Folding Pet Trailers (Check Latest Price)

Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers 01

If you are going to take your warm and fuzzy friend on an adventure, take them out in style with the Schwinn Rascal. Of course, this is a comfortable and safe dog bike trailer too. The adjustable internal leash is quite strong to securely hold large dogs. You need not worry about them leaping out along the way.

The interior is soft and padded, so your buddy sits comfortably even on bumpy rides. Everything is removable making it easy to clean and wash. You’ll find the rear doggy door to be quite convenient. Instead of having to lift your pet in every time, they simply jump in and out by themselves. There is an adjustable bug screen, weather shield, and ventilation nets to keep your dog comfortable during the ride.

A lot of creativity went into designing this trailer. It comes complete with everything you need, and it’s easy to assemble. Simply fix the coupler, attach the trailer hitch, lock wheels in place, and you are ready to go. An easy-fold system and effortless wheel release mechanism make it portable and ready for compact storage.

It has excellent support. The bottom of this pet trailer is made of a sturdy frame, well-made comfy rubber mat floor, and nonslip liners to comfortably hold dogs up to 50lbs in weight.

You get to choose between three fabric colors, orange, green, and blue. These are bright color choices that help make the trailer easily visible. There is a safety flag included, and a rear bike reflector for added visibility on the road.


  • Great quality
  • Comfortable liner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of room and ample ventilation
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy support and bottom


  • Rear exit zips down and drags on the floor so you cannot have it open when riding.
  • Strong rubbery smell when first unpacking                                       

2.PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout II Large (Check Latest Price)

Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers 02

If you feel uneasy about leaving your fur baby behind as you go on a ride, then its time you got a bicycle trailer for dogs. The Solvit HoundAbout II is a perfect choice for taking your dog safely with you. She is sure to get a little road rash on her chin.

Aesthetically, this trailer is tastefully designed. Every feature is practical and functional. I especially love the safety strap and hook for attaching the dog harness so they don’t jump out on transit.

The interior is quite spacious and can hold two small puppies – although you should know it was designed to hold one medium or large dog. The interior cushion is machine washable, and the cabin fabric can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

As far as safety goes, this unit was designed with your safety in mind. There are no bells or flag for visibility, but I find that the reflectors on the wheels and cabin do the job. You will discover two screw-on reflectors that you should attach at the lower left and right corner of the cabin. Look for two round holes with grommets. Or, you could tape a DIY flag to the back panel or wall for added visibility.

There is a mechanism on the wheels that absorbs the shock, so the trailer rides smoothly even on bumpy roads and rough trails. However, it’s not comfortable for the dog when you’re riding on a slope. They slide around such that you see the dog really straggling to get in position. I suggest you put grommets on the corners of the mat, so it stays firmly in place.

You’ll love how easy it is to put together. If you’re an avid cyclist, you can tell a well-designed bicycle accessory when you see one. The manufacturers thought everything out when they built this pet trailer.

The wheels have a quick release system, and the whole unit folds completely flat. There’s a small cargo pocket on the top so you can store the pins after taking it apart. You’ll find that it folds neatly for nice and compact storage.


  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable safety leash to secure pet
  • Front peek-through window
  • Waterproof polyester cabin
  • Quick assembly, easy folding


  • No safety flag but you can improvise or use the reflectors included
  • Interior mat slips when riding on a slope


 3.Burley Design Tail Wagon (Check Latest Price)

Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers 03

The Tail Wagon by Burley is an excellent way to take your dog out on a bike ride adventure. It features a clever design that quickly converts it to a stroller or ski chariot if you have the right conversion kits. Overall, if you have a senior puppy who’s always ready to feel the wind blow through her ears, this bike trailer for dogs will be a perfect addition to your cycling equipment.

The tail wagon is very comfortable, but I like to throw in a dog blanket to make the space more familiar to the dog, so they don’t panic and want to jump out on the move. There are secure rings to the side and from where the leash can be looped through to hold them securely in place. Otherwise, I find that throwing in their toys helps them feel safe in the trailer. They quickly get used to and love being in their expensive “fort.”

The cabin is well ventilated, and there is an exit opening both at the back and front. You don’t have to lift your dog to get them in. Both flaps have clips and elastic loops that open and close easily.

The interior is neatly padded for comfort. The floor doesn’t move a lot, but you can get optional tie-downs to secure it firmly in place if you are going to ride on slopes. These are removable if you need to have them cleaned.

This is a 35 by a 23-inch-wide trailer that can hold dogs up to 75lbs in weight. Even so, dog owners with really large dogs like the English mastiff and Leon Berger would find this to be long enough, but too narrow. If it were 5 to 10 inches wider, it would definitely be larger-dog-friendly.

When you’re not using it, you can actually level it to transport or store away. It folds completely flat and can be held together with clips, so it doesn’t come undone when carrying.

I love that the upper handlebar locks neatly with the folded cabin, so it doesn’t get in the way as it does with the dog Burley trailer unit. When it’s time to go, this unit can be put together quick and easy. Attaching back to the bike is also pretty much straightforward.

Overall, this is a great bike trailer for kids and pets. It is safe, high quality, and durable. This can definitely be a fort for your fur babies to have fun in as you take them out on an adventure. Definitely worth the price.


  • Quality design
  • Bike trailer, Ski chariot, & stroller
  • Ventilation on all sides
  • Comfy interior padding
  • Quick assembly, easy folding
  • Removable floor
  • Safety first


  • Longer but narrower design


4.PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout II Medium (Check Latest Price)

Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers 04

This is an excellent trailer for taking your pups for a bike ride. It is the medium size of two-size options; the other one is a larger trailer that can hold up to 110lbs. Both larger and medium sizes come in steel and aluminum frame construction options.

It’s ideal for pups up to 50lbs. While the company says it can hold only one dog, I find that there is ample space for two much smaller dogs. If you’re just introducing your pup to going on rides with you, try to make the first experience as comfortable as possible.

Have some toys or a snack in the cabin, so they don’t feel lost in a new world. After making the trek, they are sure to be more comfortable, or they might as well just be too hyped over feeling the wind gush past them to care for being in unfamiliar territory.

The trailer is well made. Everything from the zippers, mesh, frame, and the cabin canvas itself looks and feels very durable. It takes just a few minutes to put together. And, if you’re done with the rides for the week, just take off the wheels and collapse it -it folds neat and compact, ready for storage.

The interior is warm and comfy. It’s well-padded and the floor mat is softer than what you’d find in most pet trailers. However, I’ve seen some people removing the bottom mat and replacing it with gel mats, so their dogs don’t scramble the cushion about. Well, as long as it works!

The medium-sized trailer is clearly smaller than most pet bicycle trailers. There isn’t much room for a German Shepard or a Greyhound to lie all the way in. This one is 26 x 25 x 17 inches and weighs only 20 pounds.

The larger one is 25 pounds. However, I find that larger dogs will feel more comfortable with the top unzipped, so they can stand and stick their head out -whether they are on the large unit or the medium-sized unit. Be careful though as the medium unit only holds 50lbs. I figure it would dip significantly in the first use if you take your large dog on it. You’ll be lucky if it doesn’t breakdown completely, in the second use.


  • Quality heavy-duty construction
  • Pup ready
  • Ample Airflow
  • Comfy interior padding
  • Easy assembly
  • Steady aluminum or steel frame


  • Small and narrower design not for larger dogs


5.Burley Kids' Honey Bee Trailer (Check Latest Price)

Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers 05

Now, you might be asking what a kid’s bicycle trailer is doing in a review for dog and pet trailers? A reasonable question! Well, the truth is, given the right circumstances, a good child trailer can function perfectly as a bike trailer for dogs too! There are, however, a few changes you might have to make so your pet can be as comfortable as can be.

Burley products are known for their heavy-duty and durable construction. The Honey Bee trailer is clearly a well-built unit. I love it because it’s lightweight and agile making it perfect for exploring.

You don’t even feel as if you are towing something behind your bike. And, you can convert it to an agile stroller - single hand push if you have to hold an umbrella. The only problem is that when you turn it into a stroller, the front wheel attachment is made of hard plastic that looks rather cheap. It makes a really annoying noise when pushing through bumpy sidewalks.

There is a comfortable seat in the cabin meant to haul kids in the trailer. Unfortunately, this hammock style seat doesn’t come off. Still, throw a dog blanket in there and BOOM!

You have yourself a snug trailer to explore with your dog. Use the seatbelt fasteners on the seat to lock your dog’s harness lest they don’t get too excited and jump out while on the move.

I figure a 50 to 75lbs dog would be OK for this trailer. Burley rates it at 110lbs, so that size weight should be an excellent fit – with ample headroom in the cabin.

The best thing about using a kid’s trailer for your pet is that you get plenty of cargo storage. This unit comes with ample rear storage space that can hold all your pet’s toys and other accessories, ready or a picnic.

You’ll also love how this trailer comes ready to tackle the weather. There is plenty of ventilation. It also offers UV protection and keeps the dog nice and dry without sacrificing the view.


  • Quality heavy-duty construction
  • Pup ready
  • Ample Airflow
  • Comfy interior padding
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Steady aluminum or steel frame


  •  Kid’s seat doesn’t come off to create space for pets
  • Cheap-looking front wheel


 6.InStep Take 2 Tow Behind Bike Trailers (Check Latest Price)

Best 6 Dog Bike Trailers 06

This is a versatile bike trailer for children that works for your pets too. It comes with all the safety and comfort features designed for the kids, and your lovely fur buddy can enjoy it too. It’s a well-build trailer by a serious brand.

It is a premium double trailer meant to haul two kids – with plenty of cargo space still available. Some pet owners put the little one and their fur baby in the trailer, and they stay the whole ride with no problem.

The kid gets to use the seat belt. But for the dog, you have to get a separate leash harness adaptor to convert the five-point harness seat belt to dog leash compatible. This should be available at your local pet store where you get your dog sidecar needs.

There are a safety flag and bicycle reflectors fixed at the rear panel of the cabin to ensure the trailer is visible. The cabin is also built to protect your riders from the elements. There is a 2 in 1 canopy that comes with an anti-bug mesh and a transparent weather shield screen.

Overall, the interior of this chariot is warm and cozy, and the wheels feel like there is a passive suspension system that makes for smooth rides even on bumpy terrain. This makes it easy for dogs that don’t want to be strapped in, stay in.

This unit is super quick and intuitive to assemble. Putting it together should take 5 minutes tops - 10 if you’re taking your time. The coupler is easy to install as well. After use, it folds completely flat when you take it down, ready to store and transport. When folding and unfolding, be careful not to let the fabric get caught in the pinch points.

This will squeeze and weaken the cabin material causing holes with time. You don’t want to be doing some patching every now and then.

I prefer spoke rim tires as opposed to the molded rims that come with this. But, the 16-inch air-filled tires perform as expected and are safe too. If you are not into the traditional spoke rims, then the molded rims that come with this trailer should suit your style.


  • Heavy-duty, durable build
  • Strong molded rim tires
  • Well ventilated
  • Safety first design
  • Interior padding
  • Quick assembly, easy fold
  • Strong support and cabin frame


  • Designed for kids, but can use for pets


Over to you

A dog bike trailer is an excellent accessory for biking enthusiasts who just won’t skip a chance to have a good adventure with their fur babies. If your pooch isn’t the super active type, riding with them in the trailer definitely makes things easy both for you and the little fellow.

There are several considerations you have to make when choosing a bicycle trailer for your dog. When selecting the best bike trailers, we were mindful of safety, weight recommendation, size, and frame composition. We hope you found your pick so you and your fur baby can enjoy those long adventures together.