Best Brush For Golden Retrievers [2020 Reviews]

Often dubbed as the “golden boy” of dog breeds, you can hardly find anything negative to say about the golden retriever. The breed is native to Scotland, but it’s in the early 1990s when they became popular when President Gerald Ford showcased his own Golden to the American people.

Most people appreciate the sweet temperament and loyalty you get from this breed. Better yet, millions of people love their deeply golden fur that looks stunning, as well as their feathery tails. Unfortunately, as beautiful as they may appear, anyone who owns them knows just how high-maintenance the lustrous coats can be.

Without proper care, the long fur of the golden can end up everywhere from your carpet, couch, and even on your favorite clothes.

 That said, excessive fur and hair can be a major challenge for a golden retriever owner, especially when you don't have the right tools. Proper grooming may not be able to completely do away with all the retrievers’ fur from your home, but it may significantly reduce the amount.

Understanding the Golden Retrievers Coat?

Golden retrievers have a thick and water repellent double coat that helps regulate body temperature.

But they are not born with these silky coats. The long fur starts developing when they are about three months old.

Around this age, you’ll notice fluffy hair beginning to grow on the tail. This is known as feathering. The funny thing is it starts at the tail before growing through the rest of the body. This breed does not shed the puppy fur. Instead, it’s pushed aside by the adult fur, which grows until the Golden is about 18 months.

The inner (puppy) coat is cropped to the body to keep the dog warm during winter. The outer coat is slightly longer and wavy, and this one needs regular care. As your dog ages, you should notice that the coating gets darker or lighter.

Golden retrievers come in a variety of shades of gold that may be dark or light. Some breeders have a way to produce white Goldens. However, the white coloring is not recognized by breed standards

Grooming a Golden Retriever

It’s worth noting that the long coat of a golden retriever requires regular maintenance. The golden rule is to brush daily not only to prevent tangles and mats but to reduce the hair amounts on your furniture as well.

The breed sheds all-round the year and much more substantial in the fall and spring. It is usually mandatory to give your golden a monthly bath because they are susceptible to release an odor. If necessary, you can choose more frequent showers to keep your furry friend smelling fresh and looking great.

Another critical thing to check is signs of wax buildup, irritation, and infection. Should you notice any of these signs, you may need a vet-approved solution and a cotton ball to clean them.

Brushes for Golden Retrievers

There are different types of brushes in the market for Golden Retrievers. This section will help you understand the most useful one and the function of each type. Here are the brushes and what they do:

Slicker Brushes

One of the most popular brushes to use for this breed is the slicker brush. It consists of a broad head covered with thin wire bristles. These bristles are designed to be stiff and flexible and are useful for removing mats and knots.

Slicker brushes come in a variety of sizes to suit coats of varying thickness. Since retrievers’ coats are more like human hair than regular fur, tangles are one of the major concerns for retrievers’ owners.

The wire pins have a ball at the end or angled teeth that prevent harming the skin. They have a wider spacing between the bristles to avoid damage to your pet's coat.

Bristle Brushes

This type is best for smooth-coated canines that shed frequently. They come with flexible bristles that may be made of boar hair or nylon and are available in varying thicknesses and lengths. Stiffer bristles are more suitable for golden fur with wiry texture. Though these brushes may remove a few tangles and mats, they are mainly needed for removing loose hair and adding a high degree of shine.

Pin Brushes

These may be confused with slicker brushes, but the wire pins are tipped with plastic or rubber. Unlike a slicker brush which has its wires close together, the pin brush has flexible wires that with much wider spacing.

They are suitable for picking up loose hair or debris from your retriever’s coat, but they can’t penetrate much farther. Use a pin brush when detangling and smoothing your dog's fur without ripping the hair. These could be a better choice for golden retrievers that dislike slicker brushing.


Another vital part of any Golden grooming routine is a comb. These are great for making sure that your furry friend looks clean and smooth. Dog combs look similar to humans’, but they are generally metallic.

A comb for a retriever will need to be especially medium-sized due to its medium-sized fur.

Tips for brushing your golden retriever

If this is your first time getting a brush for your dog, you may be feeling a little out of the element- you're not alone. Here are a few tips to make brushing easier.

Take it slow – No matter the coat condition of your golden, it will appreciate you taking the process slow. Trying to hurry while brushing your pup’s hair may cause discomfort and even resistance.

To avoid being frustrated, brush slowly, and your pet will be thankful. In the end, you'll find you have a calmer, better-groomed dog.

Additionally, be gentle while brushing to avoid pain. Think of how you would brush your hair and try applying the same kind of motion and pressure while brushing your Golden.

Have more than one brush – a retriever’s hair comes with its own set of difficulties, and just a single brush can't solve them. Think of the specific issues that you may have noticed with your coat.

Is it tangles and mats? Does it look fizzy and dull? This will guide you to decide which types of brushes you need to solve your problems and improve your pup’s experience.

Reward your pet – The surest way to get your feisty retriever to sit still for grooming sessions is to reward them with a treat once the process is over. Offering him his favorite treat will make grooming a favorite activity and a great way to signal to them that brushing is a positive thing.

Establish a routine – Similar to people, dogs thrive on routine. Try to follow brushing into a routine that you decide to set. You may set a brushing routine in the morning before going to work. This will help your golden retriever to pick up on the fact that grooming will happen at a particular time recurrently and will encourage them to accept.

Best Brush for Golden Retriever

Now that we have discussed all the background information you need to know let's quickly dive into our picks for best Golden Retrievers brushes 2020. All our picks are based on the best-reviewed products and what experts recommend.


1.Safari by Coastal Pin & Bristle(Check the Lowest Price)

Safari by Coastal Pin & Bristle

Safari brush is a 2-in-1 brush that can be used as a pin or bristle brush. The pin side is useful for removing mats and tangles, thanks to the pin design that makes it easy to groom effortlessly. The bristle side can be used to distribute natural oils in your golden retriever’s skin.

The bristles look flexible and can easily lift any debris on the coat without harming your dog. The same flexible brush can be used to remove your dog's hair from bedspread or quilt.

This is an effective option for owners who want to buy one get one free. The equipment has an ergonomic plastic handle for convenience, even when brushing for longer periods. This brush is ideal for daily use, and reviews show its durable.

This is mainly designed for dogs with medium coats, including breeds such as Alaskan Malamute, German shepherd, and Golden retrievers. For outstanding results, use the pin brush starting from the roots to the tips. It gets rid of all tangles from messed up fur and makes it appear shiny.


  • It comes with two brushes for versatility
  • The bristles are sturdy and flexible
  • It’s easy to use
  • Has a convenient handle that feels soft and firm


  • Less hairy breeds may be sensitive to the bristles


2.Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker(Check the Lowest Price)

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker

Are you looking for a grooming tool for your long-haired golden retriever?  The Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker is not only beautiful but also functional as well. It was designed for medium-haired dog breeds to prevent hairballs and improve coat appearance.

The curved head makes it easier to work through your dog’s coat without straining your wrist. The bristles are gentle and stiff, ensuring that even the most stubborn pets get a comfortable grooming experience.

This slicker brush features a unique design that allows you to retract the bristles, leaving all loose fur on the cushion base for secure wiping. The good thing is you just need to press a button for the bristles to return to their original working position.

 The stainless steel bristles are gentle to make brushing a non-irritating task for your pet. The brush pins are also specially angled and work well with dogs that have sensitive skin.

The handle feels soft, allowing you to have a comfortable grip and make the grooming practice enjoyable. Note that this brush is available in 3 different sizes at different prices, so you choose one that you like depending on your dog’s breed.


  • Retractable bristles
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in various sizes


  • Bristle tips should be coated for added protection


3.Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker(Check the Lowest Price)

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker

With a self-cleaning feature and an ergonomic handle for comfort, Hertzko Self-Cleaning brush has to be on our list. The slicker brush features fine wire bristles that are particularly useful for removing tangles and mats from a dog’s coat.

The slightly curved metal pins will easily penetrate your dog's coat without causing harm. This is an excellent choice for daily brushing in dogs with delicate coats.

This Hertzko brush comes with an anti-slip handle that makes long brushing sessions effortless. The handle has an indented region for the thumb to fit for more prominent brush control. The thumb rest may seem like a minor detail, but it brings a difference and will make your work far much easier.

Clean-up is a breeze, thanks to the self-cleaning button that retracts off bristles to clean off the removed fur. Unlike some brushes, this cleaning technology works without jamming, which lessens the time to groom your dog.

The design of the bristles prevents skin irritation with gentle massage action. Even for the dogs that don't like to be brushed, they will enjoy this one from Hertzko. Note that the bristles are stiff enough to boost blood circulation to the coat.

The brush is sturdy, with most users recommending it for pets with long and thick hair like the golden retriever. The good news is it's affordable, easy to operate, and comfortable to hold.

It weighs about 3 ounces, which is lightweight for easy grooming. There is also a hole at the bottom of the handle, making it easier to store for people who prefer hanging.


  • Durable and robust to last longer
  • Has a self-cleaning function
  • It’s lightweight for smooth operation


  • It may not be ideal for breeds with short coats


4.Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush(Check the Lowest Price)

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This slicker brush works great for large breeds as it features 5-inch size. With its excellent design, it is effective for removing mats, tangle, and dirt as well as loose fur from pets. It is perfect for long hair like in Goldens, but can still work fine for short-haired breeds.

With its self-cleaning feature, cleaning becomes a breeze because you just need to press a button to empty the brush. Besides keeping Fido clean, this brush can help your dog relax and feel comfortable.

If you are concerned with the skin health of your pet, this could be a good pick, as it won't harm their skin. The soft and flexible bristles of this brush make it great for shaping, thinning, and finishing. It is great for stimulating hair follicles and works with flexible movements for comfort. Your pet will surely like the touch of this brush.

It comes with a large brush head of 95 mm wide, making it simple to use and effective to remove loose hair with minimal brushing. You just need 5 seconds to brush your pet clean.  Thus, it’s one of the best brushes for golden retrievers for owners in a hurry.


  • It has a self-cleaning mode
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has a large head to deliver quick results


  • May be too big for small breeds


5.Conair ProDog Pet-It Brush(Check the Lowest Price)

Conair ProDog Pet-It Brush

Conair ProDog Pet-It brush is specially designed for curly-haired dogs. The ergonomic design makes it easier to fit on your palm for easier brushing. 

You just need to slip the grip through your fingers and grab the brush firmly. Move it easily over the curly coat and smoothly distribute oils for a shiny appearance.

It’s useful when you need long, repetitive strokes necessary to distribute natural oils on your retriever’s fur. Brushing your pet regularly using this brush will not only enhance its coat appearance but will be healthy as well.

The bristles consist of 50% natural boar and 50% synthetic bristles. This makes them stiff, yet gentle enough not to harm your pet’s skin.

It is great for massages and cleans sensitive skin areas, paw areas, and delicate face easily. The brush features thick bristles to help in massage while stimulating your dog’s hair follicles and getting rid of loose fur.

The Conair brush is relatively small and lightweight to make brushing easy without straining your hand. It comes in 6 styles, including a metal pin brush, shampoo massage brush, soft slicker brush, boar bristle brush, slicker, and the curry comb.


  • It easily fits on the palm for easy brushing
  • Bristles are gentle on both the skin and fur
  • It comes in six different styles


  • Its small size makes it challenging to use on extra-large breeds


6.GoPets Professional Pin and Bristle Brush(Check the Lowest Price)

GoPets Professional Pin and Bristle Brush

With this double-sided pin and bristle brush, you can be sure your pet enjoys a smart-looking and healthy coat without seeking a professional groomer.

The pin side of the brush is suitable for dogs with longer fur and double coats. Its rounded tips can gently massage your dog's skin and do away with tangles, knots, and other debris without scrapping their skin. The fact that the pin tips are molded means that they won’t fall off and expose the sharp edges after use.

The bristle side of this comb works best for dogs with short coats. The bristles are firm and densely packed to work out any debris caught in the top layer of your dog's hair. With this brush, you'll not only improve your pet's coat appearance but will also enhance their behavior and mental state, which is vital.

The comb's handle has a non-slip silicone gel that conforms to your hand’s grip to ensure more comfort and less strenuous brushing experience. No matter how you hold it, the brush feels firm and easy to use.

It is strong and durable to last long, and GoPets offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, which is a show of quality. Therefore, buy with confidence and with no risks as you can ask for an exchange in case it has defects.

This GoPets Double-Sided Pin and Bristle brush is your ideal choice to ensure a pleasant grooming session regardless of your pet’s fur size.


  • It's versatile with two sides
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Has rounded tips on the pin side for safety


  • Cleaning this brush may be an issue. Reviewers suggest using an old comb to pull the dirt out of the brush.


7.FURminator Grooming Rake(Check the Lowest Price)

FURminator Grooming Rake

For pet owners looking for a company that owns a record of accomplishments, Furminator is one such brand so you can be sure of good quality. One thing that makes them stand out is that they understand the shedding cycle and appreciate the role that hygiene can play to reduce shedding. As a result, this brush has been designed with that in mind for unmatched efficiency.

The Furflex head of the rake and teeth have been contoured to feel comfortable on your dog’s body and offer efficient grooming with just a few passes. Thanks to its blunt teeth, it does so without damaging the coat or the skin, which can be common with other tools.

It has a non-slip ergonomic handle that features several ridge patterns ensuring a secure grip on the rake no matter how you hold it. The rounded pins prevent irritation and prevent pulling, while also removing mats from the undercoat. Additionally, the single row of teeth makes it extremely easy to clean the brush as the fur can slide off easily.

This is one of the best undercoat rake for golden retrievers and other breeds with dense coats as the long teeth can reach into the undercoat and remover all the debris and loose hair. It is strong enough to last long and make your brushing experience easy and less stressful.


  • Rounded teeth will not cause your pup any pain
  • Ergonomic handle offers firm grip
  • It’s easy to clean


  • May not be ideal for puppies that are yet to develop an undercoat


8.FURminator Deshedding Tool(Check the Lowest Price)

FURminator Deshedding Tool

If you need an effective deshedding tool to remove loose hair on the undercoat of your Golden, the Furminator grooming tool is what you need. It has specially designed teeth that reach deep under the topcoat to reduce shedding.

The secret behind the efficiency of the FURminator is the well-thought design featuring a short stainless steel head and a comfortable handle that is easy to hold and comfortable to use for long grooming sessions.

The ergonomic handle that feels soft and firm is one of the main reasons why professional groomers prefer this tool. Also, it has a safety guard that ensures the teeth don’t injure your dog. The guard also prevents anyone from getting cut on the head when using the brush.

Unlike other de-shedding tools that require you to remove the collected fur manually, this one comes with a FURejector button. This makes it easier to clean the tool by removing any hair caught up in the teeth – this is a convenient feature that helps you save a lot of time and work.

Using the FURminator can help you reduce the shedding of hair by up to 90%. Just ensure that you brush your dog regularly, depending on how heavily they shed. It's essential not to overgroom as this can irritate the skin and cause bald spots.


  • It's sturdy to last long
  • May reduce shedding for up to 90%
  • Has an ergonomically designed handle that is easy to use


  • Some owners may find it heavy


9.Bothi Pet Shampoo Brush(Check the Lowest Price)

Bothi Pet Shampoo Brush

The Bodhi dog grooming brush is popular today and for a good reason. It leaves the fur soft and shiny while cleaning the undercoat without damaging the skin of your pet. This is an excellent choice for dogs that dislike brushing or those with sensitive skin. The grooming tool is highly effective at getting efficiently rid of dirt and fur.

It features soft bristles with soft rubber tips for a massaging feel on your pet. This means that you don’t have to worry about injuring your pet.  The brush also features an ergonomic oval handle that allows you to hold it firmly in place as you clean your pet in a circular motion. Apart from improving the appearance of your dog’s coat, it also soothes the skin and hair follicles for a healthier look.

As the name suggests, you can use this grooming brush to give your pet a bath and massage. Also, this brush can be used on both dry and wet fur, whether for grooming or as a bath brush. It is ideal for medium-haired fur dogs like the retriever. If you want to remove the hair from the brush, simply turn it upside down and then tap while removing the hair gently.


  • The oval handle makes it easy to use
  • Has a sturdy build to last long
  • It’s pocket-friendly for owners on a tight budget


  • Small dogs may find it a bit too abrasive


10.Andis Premium Pin Brush(Check the Lowest Price)

Andis Premium Pin Brush

For pet proprietors looking for a large pin brush to get rid of loose fur, dirt, and tangles, the Andis Premium pet grooming tool is a great pick.

The brush features pinhead bristles with soft rounded edges that keep your pet comfortable during grooming, while also giving you an easy time handling thanks to the convenient design. The bristles are closely spaced than with most models making it more effective at removing loose hair with just a few passes.

Although the design appears simple, it performs impressively for your retriever. Since their coats are so hair-like, the pin brush can penetrate deep into the coat and remove any loose hair with ease.

The soft bristles not only remove loose fur but also stimulates skin and hair follicles. It features safety-tipped pins so that your dog’s skin won’t be harmed

Its soft-grip handle reduces hand fatigue and makes brushing pleasant even when you have long grooming sessions.

It fits nicely on your hand and offers a secure grip, with most reviews showing that most dogs enjoy the experience of this brush.

It's also an effective brush to use when spreading natural oils on the coat to improve growth and enhance the fur appearance. It works great for both the short and long-haired pets and should solve your fuzzy tangle problem. The Andis is a perfect brush for your golden retrievers.


  • Has long sturdy bristles to reach the undercoat
  • Has a soft and firm grip that feels comfortable to hold
  • It's reasonably priced for the quality you get


  • Removing the fur from the brush might be tricky


11.GoPets Dematting Comb(Check the Lowest Price)GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting Comb is a double-sided grooming comb for owners looking for versatility. The comb has different sets of teeth on both sides, with the higher density side designed for detangling and de-shedding while the lower density side is used on stubborn mats and tangles.

The sharp teeth on both sides are perfectly designed to cut through the tangles, which prevents pulling and tugging of the hairs while the dull round ends are gentle and safe, preventing any injury or irritation on the skin.

The handle of the comb is made with a non-slip silicone gel, which makes a comfortable handle with a tight grip giving you a fantastic experience.

To achieve the best results, hold the tangled hair tightly and using short strokes, comb out the hair out working form the tip down towards its base. This will ensure that you break through the tangles without irritating or injuring your furry friends' sensitive skin.


  • The double-sided design allows for an all in one grooming work in a short time
  • Cuts through the tangles instead of pulling
  • Has a non-slip silicone handle which provides a tight grip
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for pets with short fur

The Bottom Line

Having a double coat, the Golden Retriever breed sheds frequently. This means you must keep them well-groomed and clean. With so many tools available in the market, you may struggle to find the perfect one for your needs. We hope that this guide will help you find the best brush for your beloved pet.

Goldens are the most attractive dogs when appropriately groomed.