10 Best Cat Training Collars [2020 Reviews]

Cat training collars also commonly known as Shock collars are mostly used for training your cats in to obedient pets. Though we love our furry and lovely friends very much, at times they can act pretty weird. The cats can have irritating mood swings, a constant urge to sneak and peak into every corner and hideout in the house. They tend to create a mess when they are hungry or just getting bored. Being of feline nature, cats can become wild at times so its essential to tame and train them properly so that they behave in a much better and wise manner. 

With the help of training collars, you can ensure that they are safe and are not hurt while getting them trained. The training collars come with several settings and features so as to adjust the intensity of shock or vibration and make use of beeps and sound to get the required response from your pet. 

Cat Training Collars

While these Cat training collars seems like an innovative product for pet training. A lot of pet owners are really concerned if these collars can actually be dangerous for cats. Well to answer this, we talked with a lot of vets and they claimed that its better to use training collars which use non shock methods to train your cats. 

Most of the times, cats would easily get trained with a little patience. Using high volt shocks won't be healthy for your pet. There are a lot of non shock cat training collars available so its better to use them because your cat is precious.


Why you should Trust me?

I have been voluntarily working with cat and dog trainers a while ago and have done a great deal of research on how cats and dogs psychology works. Also i have passed some time with a lot of pets in my lifetime and i know how difficult sometimes it becomes to do behavior correction of naughty cats. 


Best Cat Training Collars 

We have reviewed over dozens of cat training collars which claimed to be the best collars. But after analyzing deeply and considering all aspects of you cat safety, we have listed these cat training collars you can buy now with peace of mind. 


1. Dogcare Shock Training Collar

Dogcare Shock Training Collar

Dogcare is dedicated to provide you the most innovative and highly functional pet accessories. Their aim is to make sure that better communication between pets and humans is essential especially for pet owners. This training electric collar for cats and dogs comes with three training modes which includes vibration, beep and shock. They can help you teach your pet basic etiquette and obedience commands. 

Dogcare believes that being pet owners, we have a huge love for our pets. This is the reason they should be given their due respect. Any kind of training should be done with patience, love and respect. This is the reason this Dogcare collar is designed to operate on low voltage so the shock is pretty mild. Also the security keypad lock assures no mis-operation is done via remote so no accidental shocks.

Also the training collar comes with a smart chip which can control up to 9 receivers at a time. They have a long control range of up to 330 yards or 1000 feet. The independent speaker delivers clear voice and audio commands to instruct your cat or dog better.

The transmitter and receiver both are rechargeable and can last up to 15 days when fully charged. The training collar receiver is made of high quality ABS to withstand any outdoor activity and is IPX65 waterproof. No doubt it is the No.1 Best Selling training collar on Amazon.


  • No accidental shock for your pet
  • Versatile remote can train up to 9 pets at a time
  • Adjustable static shock levels from 0 to 99


  • The receiver is a bit bulky for cats.


2. Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Training Shock Collar

Pet Union PT0Z1 Review by Pet Tech

Pet Union Premium collar is an ultimate solution to pet training by Pet Tech. This training collar is used both for cats and dogs. It is used primarily to correct pet behavior, reduce his/her aggression and to do its leas training. It is also one of the most popular training collar for dog barking among pet owners. It is fully waterproof and is quite easy to use even for beginners.

The collar comes with a practical receiver and a large LCD remote to adjust different modes. The light mode helps to train your dog or cat at night. The other modes include beep, vibration and static shock. The beep is used while leash training or walking and vibration is used on disobedience and it doesn’t hurt. As already mentioned that pets are really close to our hearts. This is the reason we also use Shock mode wen in case of emergency condition and must not be used frequently.

Another good thing about this Pet Union training collar is the rapid charging Li-ion battery which lasts for a very long time. In case there is a manufacture defect in your product, the company takes full responsibility of that and provides lifetime replacement guarantee. For new pet owners, they also provide comprehensive and expert training.


  • Long remote range of 1200 feet to control your pet.
  • Fully waterproof receiver and remote. 
  • Extra collar can be used to train up to 2 dogs at a time.
  • Long lasting and efficient battery. 


  • Collars stops working at times. 


3. TBI Pro Professional Dog/Cat Training Collar

TBI Pro Professional Training Collar

TBI Pro Engineering has always been researching for launching 100% Pet safe products. If you are really worried about bad behavior of your pet then you must give this TBI Pro Professional Training collar a chance. The amount of positive rating of buyers on amazon is the proof that pet owners are really happy with our training collar recommendations.

The best thing we loved about TBI products is that all of their products works in humane way without doing any harm to the dear pet.

This collar comes with 3 modes. There is a flash mode, a beep mode and a vibration mode. You can choose the level of vibration from 0 to 99 and adjust accordingly. Make sure to start with slow vibrations for effective training. You can make use of these modes to get rid of their bad habits and unwanted sneaking all over the house.

The dual channel remote control range is over 1600 feet and can be used to control 2 dogs. The collar is waterproof with IP67 rating so you need not worry about any weather condition or even your pet playing in water. The long battery life can assure 15 days of intense use without any problems.


  • Long remote range of 1600 - 2000 feet to control your pet.
  • Fully waterproof receiver and remote. 
  • Extra collar can be used to train up to 2 dogs at a time.
  • Long lasting up to 15 days and efficient battery. 


  • Remote LCD is not visible outdoors.
  • Flash or beep malfunction sometimes. 


4. Petrainer Shock Training E-Collar 

Petrainer Shock Collar

    Petrainer Shock Training E-collar is designed by keeping the pet comfort and ease in mind. Like all other training collars, petrainer also comes with three pre-defined modes to train and tame your dog or cat to behave appropriately. The three modes are beep, shock and vibration. 

    It provides different shock intensity levels so you can test and find a safe corrective stimulation shock level for your pet. The best thing is that the belt with the receiver is made of high quality Nylon material and is very soft and comfortable for your dog or cat neck.

    The collar is adjustable to fit any pet of up to 25 inches. The collar contacts are covered with soft silicon covers which assures no skin irritation so the collar can be used for extended period of times. 

    The fast charging and long battery is another notable feature of this training collar. Both the receiver and transmitter are rain and waterproof. It has a range of 330 yards or 1000 feet to control your pet actions. 


    • Adjustable collar size
    • Rainproof and waterproof receiver and transmitter
    • Easy pairing process
    • Smart light mode to assist in seeing in low light.


    • Somewhat less control range. 
    • Power saving function doesn't appear to work properly.


    5. GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar

    GoodBoy Mini Training Collar

    Goodboy Mini No Shock training collar was specifically designed to get rid of shock stimulation mode from collar. They have introduced this to train your pets without hurting them even a little bit. This remote controlled training collar is actually perfect for cats and dogs who are 5 to 15 pounds only. It doesn't work for large or stubborn dogs. There are variety of other shock collars Goodboy has to offer though. 

    The collar is extremely lightweight so even small cats won't have any difficulty wearing them. The design of the remote is pretty modern, smart and sleek. The touch feels premium on the hand and is easy to carry and operate. A large and clear display shows the training mode and correction strength.

    The remote has a range of around 1000 feet which means that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The remote has the functionality to operate 2 collars at a time, but you will have to buy second collar separately. 

    To operate and train the cat effectively with the help of this Goodboy mini training collar, an in depth and detailed training guide also comes in the package. It guides you step by step on how to use the training collar in an efficient way. The guide is written by a professional pet trainer and teaches the pet owner all the basics. It helps you get an insight on your how to understand your cat body language and how to deal with nasty cats. 

    The collar and remote are rechargeable and battery lasts for at least a week. It can provide with around 18 hours of pet corrections. It also have a battery saving mode so when not in use it goes to standby mode, thus saving power. 


    • Able to solves a lot of pet problems.
    • No shock means purely safe for your little kitty.
    • Detailed Pet Training Guide for New pet owners
    • Simple and Ergonomic Remote Design
    • Suitable for cats or dogs with neck of 20 inches maximum.


    • Using on dogs without shock is reported to have less impact on corrective behavior. 
    • Few people complained about charging problems but that doesn't seems true as we saw a lot of happy customers


    6. Educator E-Collar Remote Cat Training Collar

    Educator E-Collar Training for Cats

    The educator E-collar remote collar is an innovative training device. They are manufactured in USA with the highest quality of standard so that they can withstand any tough condition. 

    Educator E-collar is unique in a sense that it uses propriety stimulation which are blunt and not sharp. It has two modes of stimulation - a regular stimulation and a boost stimulation. The regular stimulation mode has levels from 0 to 100 and boost stimulation for more stubborn pets from 0 to 60.

    The impact of amazing control of stimulation function in Educator collars is that the pets trained with this collar never showed any signs of discomfort or negative behavior. Also there is a lock and set feature which can be used to save the most optimum stimulation levels for your pet. Also instead of vibration it makes use of tapping sensation which which is a better stimulation for your cat to obey your commands. 

    The educator collar remote is like a compact stop watch and is very easy to carry and operate. The receiver is small and is good for any size of cat or dog. It comes with Lithium Polymer batteries with dual charger which are rechargeable. On a full charge for 2 hours they can go on for around 10 days of training.  

    You can either choose to buy a one dog system with half a mile of range of remote or a two dog system with same range. You also have the option to buy training DVD which can be bought separately if you are new to training your cat. 


    • Effective training without any stress and discomfort. 
    • Pretty easy to use 
    • Contains two stimulation modes -  regular and boost
    • Designed for both cats and dogs. 


    • Expensive device as compared to others on the list. 
    • Can use only one mode at a time either tone or stimulation.


    7. Flittor Shock Training Collar

    Flittor Shock Training Collar

    The flittor training collar is a piece of amazing technology with great usability. This training collar is effective to train any size of your cat or dog from 5 pounds to 100 pounds in weight. The package contains different contact points to fit for any type of large or small or even a hairy one. 

     The training collar has three training modes to eradicate the aggression and overall behavior of the cat. You can use either beep, vibration and shock modes. The shock and vibration modes are light so won't hurt your pet much. But they would teach them a good lesson. Both shock and vibration levels can be adjusted from 0 to 100. 

    The flittor remote control comes with a strong flash light to help in visibility of your pet at night or in dark areas. The long range of training distance of 2500 to 3000 feet is very useful if your cat or dog loves outdoor strolls. So whether you are in your backyard, park or beach, you will have a peace of mind that she is safe. 

    The receiver and transmitter both are rechargeable and can take up to 3 hours to charge. On a full charge you can use it to train your pet for around 15 to 18 days depending upon your usage and training modes. They are also completely water resistant. 

    One really amazing feature of Flittor shock collar is the memory settings in its remote. It has three memory settings namely A, B and AB. This means it can easily be used to train 3 dogs at a time without resetting all the functions to control any one dog. It is quite intuitive and user friendly especially when having more than one pet. 


    • Variety of adjustable sizes to fit your pet.
    • Very cheap for the features.
    • Waterproof and Long Lasting Battery
    • Memory Feature to Train 3 dogs at a time. 


    • LCD is difficult to see outdoors. 
    • Some people were unable to understand memory function. 

    8. PATPET Dog Training Collar

    PATPet Dog Training Collar

    PatPet Electronic dog collar comes with three training modes as tone mode, vibration mode and static stimulation mode. You can choose the intensity of the stimulation or vibration with the help of remote. It contains 8 different vibration levels and 16 levels of shock stimulation. The shock collar is designed on low voltage, thus shock would be mild. Try different shock levels and stick to the level which works best for your cat. 

    The nylon collar can be used for neck of 3 to 27 inches and is adjustable. The reflective strip on receiver helps in identifying the pet in the dark. The collar has soft and conductive silicone covers to make sure the collar is comfortable to wear for your cat. 

    The unique function of this PatPet training collar is that it has blind operation design so that it can be operated without seeing the remote. ON/OFF button is on the side so as to avoid any misoperation. The training modes and other buttons are separate making it easy to choose desired command button easily. 

    The receiver collar once charged can work up to 30 days and remote can work up to 60 days. Thanks to its amazingly effective long lasting battery time. When on full charge, you need not have to worry about charging it again anytime soon. The remote has a dual channel design and has range of 1000 feet. 


    • Extremely long lasting battery.
    • Waterproof and rainproof receiver and transmitter. 
    • Adjustable Nylon collar for most cats and dogs. 
    • Fast Signal Response time. 


    • No Lock mode for accidental command trigger. 


    9. PetSafe In-Ground Cat Fence for Cats

    PetSafe In-Ground Cat Fence for Cats

    PetSafe has been manufacturing quality lifestyle products for pet since 1991 helping millions of pet owners for a long time. It is a leading and renowned USA brand dealing in pet supplies. This is a great product from Petsafe to restrict your cat from different areas of your indoor house. 

    The petsafe cat fence let you set boundaries for your cat. The buried wire marks the boundaries which you set for your cat. The fence is sealed and there is no chance of electrocution for your pet. 

    This is a receiver only collar so you put the collar around your cat neck. Now when she approaches the boundary, the receiver would issue a beep tone as a warning sign. But if the cat keeps going, she would receive an immediate static shock restricting your cat to remain in the boundary. The adjustable waterproof receiver collar fits perfectly fine for 6 to 11.5 inches. 


    • Two Modes of Correction - Tone and shock.
    • Collar strap is comfortable and elastic.
    • Low battery indicator to charge before battery dies. 


    • Should not be used more than 12 hours to avoid discomfort. 
    • Replacement batteries have to be bought separately. 

    10. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers

    PetSafe PAWZ away Barrier PetSafe Pawz away pet barrier is another inground invisible cat fencing system. Unlike other inground systems can take a lot of time and hundreds of dollars to install, this system can easily be installed in minutes. 

    It is an effective tool to safely correct the behavior of your pet cats. You can restrict them from no go zones especially trash cans and furniture. You can buy unlimited number of barriers to increase the number of no go areas for your pets. The barriers come for both indoor and outdoor usage.  

    Whenever the pet steps into a no go area, she gets a static shock limiting it to remain in its boundary. 

    The transmitter and receiver both are waterproof. It is designed for pets weighing above 5 pounds. Also you can buy additional collar receivers for more pets and can control unlimited pets with the same transmitter. 


    • Very easy to install 
    • Range is 2 to 12 feet
    • Automatic shut off function after 15 seconds.
    • Progressive Static correction is used for better cat behavior.


    • Collar might be a bit bulky for small cats. 
    • Batteries sold separately and are not included. 


    Things to consider before buying a Cat Training Collar

    Before buying a cat training collar you must assure to keep in mind these few things. 

    1. Types of Training Shock Collars

    Depending on the need of training type, there are two types of training collars. One is containment systems and the other ones are obedience collars. The containment systems are used to restrict areas for your cat to go to with the help of invisible fence. Whereas the obedience collars are used to teach your cat to act wise and behave properly. 

    2. Type of Electric Shock

    Most of the training collars comes with beep, vibration and shock features. As most of the collars are designed both for cats and dogs so you need to be well aware that cats needs only minimal shock unlike large dogs which needs bigger shocks.

    It is always better to buy a non shock collar or one with minimal shock settings so as to secure your pet cat from any type of danger. 

    2. Appropriate fit

    The cat collar should be adjustable or at least fit the size of your cat. Neither it should be too loose that cat can get out of the collar, nor it should be so tight that it irritates the neck of the cat to a great extent. 

    3. Quality of Training collar

    The quality of training collar and its build should be of high quality with soft and comfortable collar contacts so as not to hurt the soft skin of your cat. It is also better if the collar is lightweight, made of nylon and is stretchy so its not hard on your cat neck. 

    4. Additional features

    Added features such as a beep or flash light is a plus point when it comes to training your pet. So that if your cat or dog is going to cross the limit, you warm her with light or flash and if she still doesn't act, only then you can apply vibration or shock. 

    Also a waterproof and rainproof remote control with LCD display showing all the battery details, stats and other data is also a great addition. But you also need to keep a check on the price point. So that you know you get what you pay for. 



    Well, we have listed some of the best cat training collars we could find online after getting recommendation from our pet training professionals. We hope that you would find some of these quite useful for your cats and give any of the one a try. 

    We have listed all the features of these collars and how you can train multiple pets at a time, their remote control range of controlling and what type of correction modes they have. 

    The only one suggestion we have for you is that choose a training collar which is soft, comfortable and is easy on your cat. That would be the best investment you would make for your cat.