Best Dog Poop Scooper & Poo Vacuums 2020

When your dog bashfully eliminates in a corner, and then indifferently scurries away from the crime scene, you know it’s time to go poop hunting. Picking up and disposing of your dog’s daily waste isn’t the most glorious part of the relationship you have with your pooch! Nevertheless, it’s a duty that proud dog owners -like yourself- discharge gloriously.

Thankfully, there are a ton of products that make cleaning up after your dog pretty easy. With plastic or biodegradable bags, you won’t have to pick up your dog’s waste using your bare hands. Pooper scoopers are the best. They grab the doggy poop without requiring you to bend or put a strain on your hips. The best thing is that most dog poop scoopers are lightweight and portable and can be attached to the leash during walks.

The point here is that no pet owner has a reason not to clean after their dog, especially when in public places.


Why I’m passionate about dog poo!!!

As a passionate dog lover, parent to two lovely golden retrievers, and a fervent writer, I like to share my experience about everything “doggy” so you and your furry kids can have the best life.

Now, I’m passionate about dog poop not because I love it - frankly, I find any fecal waste to be irky, and dog poo in public parks, street pavements, and beaches is not only unsightly but also unfriendly to step in! You guessed it, I’m passionate about dog waste because I love a clean street (/environment the world over) as much as I love my dogs.

Plus, did you know that unremoved dog waste is the reason behind council policies banning dogs to certain public areas including beaches and parks? Cleaning up after Charlie and Zuri isn’t the noblest of tasks, but I do it. If not for the next person or for the environment, then I do it so it doesn’t become state policy tomorrow.


Don’t own a pooper scooper?

In this post, I will review 8 of the best dog pooper scoopers & dog poo vacuums that are sure to make cleaning after your dog fun and easy. The products are not listed in any particular order, but you can rest assured that each product was hand-picked based on its feature set and functionality, durability, ease of use, portability, customer feedback, and other considerations.


Best Dog Poop Vacuums


1. Pet Power Products Pooch Power Shovel

Pet Power Products Pooch Power Shovel

If you haven’t picked up the dog poop in the yard for a while, you’ll first want to get a doggy dung picker that will save you both time and manpower. Avoid any dog poop scooper that will hold only a pile or two before asking to be emptied. These will have you working the yard back and forth between where the doggy poop is and the garbage before you complete the task.

What you need is a strong, simple, large capacity dog poo vacuum. The PetPower Products Pooch Power Shovel is one such proven solution for efficient waste management in your yard. Being a lightweight battery-powered vacuum for dog poo, you know it will make quick work of your large yard. And, the best thing is that everything gets picked up into a single load before you have to dump it into the garbage.

This unit is easy to use. Simply aim at that steaming pile of dog waste and let the 30,000RPM strong motor do the dirty job for you. Waste gets sucked into a plastic bag that you can dispose of when filled. The bag’s opening loops around the vacuum’s intake so there will be no hosing after you’re done working the yard.

The strong suction motor is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that promises up to 50 cleanups after a 12-hour charge time. The unit comes with an AC adaptor included for charging. I must say that this is an impressive cordless vacuum that truly makes a dirty job, fun.

I like that it does not discriminate dog waste. It sucks poop of almost any consistency right up into the degradable plastic bag. It can handle droppings from any breeds and size of dogs. And, it works perfectly on multiple surfaces; concrete, grass, and ground.

At 34.5” this vacuum is tall enough for anyone between 4’ – 5’. The dual handle allows for comfortable motions when picking up doggy poo.

The real issue, however, is that while the suction pulls the droppings in, it does not drive it all the way into the collection chamber. You need to tilt the doggy poo vac up and give it a quick jiggle to get the waste into the bag. This is an issue especially for arthritic hands, plus the more waste you collect the heavier it gets.

Overall, this is an attractive and ingenious dog pooper scooper vacuum. Nothing falls out once sucked in, so you can pick up multiple doggy piles with one bag.


  • Waste gets sucked into a plastic bag
  • 50 cleanups after a 12-hour charge time
  • Easy assembly
  • AC adaptor included for charging
  • Sucks poop of almost any consistency
  • Good height for no bending motions
  • Dual handles allow for comfortable poo sucking
  • Sucks multiple doggy piles before emptying
  • Stands on its own


  • Not for taking on a walk



2. PooVak, Pet Waste Vacuum Pooper Scooper

Why keep doing the messy manual scraping that threatens your hip and back over picking doggy waste, when you can use the PooVak Vacuum Pooper Scooper to suck pet waste without breaking a sweat?

The PooVak dog poo vac is amazingly powerful. It uses a 1,000-Watt blower/sucker that gives an extremely satisfying suction. Where other pooper scoopers do a lousy job when you’re put hunting for dog poop, this vacuum sucks up pet waste and other annoying debris effortlessly.

You never struggle with the poo to get it in, once the angled nozzle is aimed at the pile, everything starts moving up into the bag in the canister. It works perfectly for any size of poo pile, both new and old, wet and dry. It can take a little finagling to pick up a pile that had started sinking into the ground, but you always do manage to get everything in.

This is a well-engineered dog poo vacuum. Honestly, my first impression of this was so-so because it comes in two separate packages and you’ll find an ordinary leaf blower in one of the packages. It gets quite confusing when the leaf blower arrives several days ahead of the part with the nozzle and canister. Are you to blow the poo away?

Receiving the complete unit solves the puzzle. Assembly is a snap thanks to the clear instructions that come with the unit. There aren’t many parts to fix together and you won’t need any specialized tools for this. When you have everything in place, it really looks like a solidly constructed vacuum that can handle any doggy waste with ease.

This unit comes with a long power cord. It isn’t battery operated so you have to plug it in to use. The company also produces some models that are gas and battery operated. You can find the different options they offer from their website.

While this is an excellent vacuum pooper scooper, keep in mind that the nozzle isn’t covered so it will get painted brown in doggy poo. I wish there was a bag or anything to cover it when it comes to contact with the poo for sucking up. I believe if the manufacturers made that one improvement this would be a 5-star poop vacuum!


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Metallic stand makes it easy to sit on the ground
  • Easy to operate
  • Picks up every bit of poo
  • Large canister
  • Easy to empty
  • Perfect for grassy condition
  • Ideal for busy homeowners, kennels, zookeepers


  • A little heavier for kids



Best Dog Poop Scoopers


3. EZPIK 32" Dog Pooper Scooper Pickup Stick

EZPIK 32" Dog Pooper Scooper Pickup Stick

Why go through the trouble of hurting your back or soiling yourself picking up pet waste with your bare hands when all you need to do is aim and grab with this 32-inch long poop scooper. It’s effortless. And it’s hygienic.

Wide rotating claws let you easily grab poo from your lap-sized chihuahua as well as from your 70-pound-plus golden retriever. The claws on this are serrated to make it easy to pick up poo from the yard grass.

You can cover the grabber claws with a poop bag to keep the waste wrapped so your hands and scooper stay clean. The integrated clip-on poo bag dispenser keeps your bags neatly stored within reach. And, there is also a flashlight holder for when you’re out in the yard at night.

I love that you can lock the jaws with a trigger holder band. This is a simple but genius option that will free your hands so you walk comfortably until you reach the next waste container.

Being a light 13 oz poop pick-upper, you can carry with you every time you take Max for a walk. It folds conveniently. At only 18-inches when folded, you bet it won’t take up much space.

It is made of a heavy-duty aluminum tube that really feels strong without adding much weight to it. The other parts are ABS plastic - known for strength and toughness. Everything here screams of durability. Even the spring triggers.

Unfortunately, you can only pick up one pile at a time with this. So, if you are planning to use this when walking multiple dogs, I suggest you pass. If it’s just you and Max, this is perfect.


  • Small and takes little space
  • Poop bag holder
  • Lengthy, no need for bending
  • Handles small and large piles
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy trigger action for scooping
  • Recommended for pet owners with back pains


  • Picks up one pile at a time



4. Pik-a-poo 7 One-Handed Pooper Scooper

Pik-a-poo 7 One-Handed Pooper Scooper

I understand if you don’t want to get your hands soiled when your 4-month-old pup suddenly stops to deposit some gooey poo along the pavement. Having your Pik-a-poo pooper scooper at the ready can really help easily extract everything off the grass /ground. You can put on a scoop-a-poop bag around the gripper if you don’t want to paint your pooper scooper brown. Basically, with the Pik-a-poo Single-handed scooper, you never have to touch the poop.

Now, while this dog poo scooper will scrap everything from dinky droppings to solid piles and diarrhea off the grass or ground, it surely won’t help a lot if your pooch decides to spray a fire hydrant sign brown -in which case only a Pet Waste Vacuum Pooper Scooper will do.

Also, you can only handle one pile of poop at a time with this unit. If you have several dogs and need something that won’t make you put a bag on just to scoop one pile, I suggest something else. That’s not to say that you cannot use this to pick up after multiple dogs.

One reviewer wrote that they leave out the poop bag if they have to do their whole yard. They just use the gripper to pick up each pile and drop the waste into a separate container with the bag around it. It can be a pain since you have to invert the whole thing so the waste can slide into the bag. But if you are not a fan of the rake and scoop type of unit, then this pooper scooper will make do.

There is a spindle on the handle that will hold your poop bags. There is also a flashlight holder on the handle for when dark falls and you’re still out with the dog. I like how this handle holds everything you need to clean after the dog when walking to the park or going for a swim. Having to carry a roll of poo bags or the flashlight separate seems too much. I wonder if the flashlight on it comes out when you quickly need to scan a large area for poop!


  • Flashlight included for night poo hunting
  • Handle holds a roll of poo bag on the ready
  • Very lightweight
  • Designed to pick up poop from multiple surfaces, even in tall grass
  • Waste bags fit onto the claws securely
  • The mechanism seems fairly sturdy
  • You never have to touch the waste


  • Fresh moist poo is troublesome



5. Petmate 71034 Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

Petmate 71034 Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

If you are going to completely rely on positive customer feedback about dog poop scoopers, then the Petmate71034 Arm & Hammer bin and rake is clearly at the top of the list. Most of the reviewers have about 3 to 5 large dogs. One reviewer is involved in dog rescue and most of the time they’d have multiple dogs in their house. Trust me, I know scooping the yard of a multi-pet household is a never-ending chore.

The Arm & Hammer swivel bin and rake makes cleaning up after multiple pets quick and easy. There is no bending every few steps to pick up doggy piles. Simply use the plastic rake to push the piles into the bin. Cover the bin with a poo bag to make disposal a breeze. When done knocking poo into to the bag just remove it from the scooper bin, tie it off and dispose of the whole thing.

The best thing about this type of pooper scooper is that you are not limited to a pile at a time. Scoop as much doggy droppings as is in the yard or until your swivel bin is at least ¾-full, dump that bag and continue with another one until your yard is spotless.

My favorite thing about this scooper -and I believe you’ll love it for this as well – is how you can loop standard plastic grocery bag handles to the hooks on the outside and press the bag down into the bin. I find Dogipot pet waste bags to be quite expensive, especially if you have several large dogs who won’t rest until both the back yard and front yard smell of dog. If Kroger store bags can be used as liners, I’d go for that. As long as it works to keep things neat and tidy, you don’t have to buy special poo bags.

I’d say the small bin capacity is an issue to be concerned about, but then again, if the bucket was larger, the regular grocery bags might not fit anymore. I guess you’ll have to swap bags if your large dogs decide to go on a pooping contest.

Forget using the rake on loose dog poo. And it won’t work very well for smaller pieces either. The edges are blunt so you cannot push the dinky droppings and the teeth are widely spaced so you cannot rake it in.

Overall, this is a likable handy scooper that will make an icky job much easier for you as a pet parent.


  • Long handles (32 Inches), no need to bend
  • Clean your rake and store it in the bin
  • Solid and very sturdy rake and bin
  • Rake collects all the poop in the yard


  • Rake won't push smaller pieces very well
  • Plastic tines break easily



6. Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

If you are a pet parent who wants absolute value from every purchase, the Dogit Jawz is your safe bet. You get it at only a fraction of the cost of the Pik-a-poo and EPIK dog pooper scooper but it is just as effective. It's perfect if you want something that isn’t expensive but is practical for picking after one dog.

I love the performance on grass and gravel thanks to its toothed jaws. It is spring-loaded to make waste collection super simple. And its ergonomic design makes for easy one-handed action.  It’s an excellent solution if you are starting to experience some back pain from fighting to keep the yard clean, retrieving dog poop with a shovel. Using a shovel feels cumbersome, anyway.

I believe this works better than the rake, for a single pile. And it is conveniently easy to carry with you when you are out walking your lil’ pooch. When you spot a mess, just scoop it up, take the bag off, tie it up and dispose of it in the next trash can. No handling doggy poo. And the scooper jaws remain exceptionally clean all the time.

Being made of durable plastic, this dog waste scooper is sure to last for a long time. Some owners leave their pooper scoopers out in the patio and we are yet to find complaints of this unit wearing from exposure to the elements.


  • It's big enough to get all the waste
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Easy to squeeze, no pain
  • Picks small and large dogs bombs with ease
  • Scoop it up without picking stones or pulling grass
  • Metal springs endure the elements


  • Endless battle with diarrhea, messy ending



7. Spotty Metal Poop Tray with Rake

Spotty Metal Poop Tray with Rake

Yes, this is a metal poop scooper from Spotty and yes, the tines won’t keep breaking like they do with plasticky prong rakes. This is a solid unit; metal rake tines and metal tray, with strong wooden handles.

It is extremely easy to pick up the mess after your fluff ball pooch. You don’t need them dog poo bags since it uses a flat base scooper tray. There is no hook to loop a bag anyways. To make disposal convenient and easy, you can get a bucket and press a trash bin liner over and inside it. An 8-gal bag over a 5-gal bucket works perfectly. Do the picking and pour the poo in the bag and dispose of the bag when you’re done. It works similar to the shovel and bag method most people without specialized pooper scoopers use, but this one isn’t tiresome, and it won’t leave holes all over your yard.

Cleaning up after multiple dogs is super easy. The only improvement I’d want to see on this unit is on the handle length. True, at 36.75”, the handle on this is long enough so you don’t have to bend when working on the yard. But, it would be nice if it was designed to be telescoping so you can adjust the height to suit different members of the family.

Overall, it is a quality pooper scooper. Nothing feels cheap so you are sure it has some good life in it. And it is well priced.


  • Metal poop scooper
  • Strong metal tines won’t keep breaking
  • Extremely easy to pick up large piles
  • Handle is long enough
  • Well priced for the quality


  • Tiny droppings prove elusive



8. DogBuddy Portable Dog Poop Scooper

DogBuddy Portable Dog Poop Scooper

If you are looking for a simple but stylish and functional dog poop scooper, then you’ll love the DogBuddy portable scooper. It comes in three sizes; small, medium, and large. All are portable and have a hook to attach to the leash.

This is a really handy pooper scooper if you have a pint-sized pooch who cannot stop dropping brownie bits along the pavement. The larger sizes are best for you if you own a medium or large dog and want to be a responsible parent and do the environment a solid, cleaning after your pooch. It is compact and easy to carry. You don’t need a degree to operate this scooper.

It comes with a roll of bags but some dog owners prefer to use it without the bags to reduce plastic bag use. Even so, the poo bags make the cleaning process really neat. No need to wash the pooper scooper after use since no mess will come in contact with its walls. The best thing is that standard poo bags fit in the built-in dispenser.

There is a collapsible silicone that extends the backside to create more room for scooping large piles and storing filled bags until you reach a trash can. The silicon extension opens up to a 3.4” height from a 2” height. It’s perfect for 30-pound to 60-pound dogs.

It’s not fun if you have back issues since you have to get down to collect the dog waste.


  • Compact but functional
  • Works with regular poop bags
  • Collapsible silicone back creates additional space
  • Hooks to the leash
  • Waste bag dispenser integrated
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Choose your preferred color
  • Hold bagged poo in the container if there are no trash bins nearby


  • You cannot avoid bending



Final Words

You’ve seen just how easy cleaning after your dog can be. You shouldn’t ever have to walk your dog without a pooper scooper or any product for managing dog waste. I have a compact pooper scooper attached to my leash so I’m always reminded to take it with me to every walk. I’d love to know if this was helpful. Leave a comment below or share your experience with dog poo.