Best Dyson for Pet Hair [2020 Reviews]

Pets are amazing companions. You get this kind of warm feeling when you’re snuggling up with your cat or dog. However, caring for our furry friends at home means we have to deal with accumulated pet hair. Family members who have allergies and asthma get the worst of it.

Getting rid of accumulated pet hair can be more difficult than most pet owners will have you believe. Pet hair is unlike dust or pollen that settles lightly on the carpet or sofa. Pet hair is stickier and is always very difficult to separate from rugs and pillows. Don’t even bother using a regular vacuum cleaner on pet hair.

There are vacuums specifically designed to clean pet hair. These are different from normal vacuums. Vacuums for pet hair use tangle-free brush tools to stir up the carpet before applying a powerful suction that can remove problem pet hairs.

There are several options of functional and efficient vacuum cleaners for pet hairs, but making a choice when given an endless list of vacuums is always a daunting affair. The mantra is to go for the machine which offers great manoeuvrability, powerful suction, active dust & allergen filters, and brush tool accessories that can handle high volumes of pet hairs.

I found Dyson vacuums to be the perfect cleaners for homes with pets. They have a whole range of vacuum cleaners that feature innovative technologies and powerful cleaning tools to dig through the carpet, drapes, and bedding piles to dislodge pet hair and dead skin cells from pets. These machines have impressive run time and are often lightweight and manoeuvrable. They work fine on carpets, hardwood floors, stairs, and furniture.

Yes, Dyson isn’t the most affordable brand out there, but you get value for your money. This is a reputable brand that never skimps on quality.

This guide and review will break down a few of Dyson’s best vacuums for pet hair, dust, and dirt.

Best Dyson for Pet Hair Guide & Review


1.Dyson V11 Torque Drive(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 01

  • Best Smart Vacuum

This is a new and revamped member of Dyson’s V-series family. As expected, you get more suction power -up to 185 AW- to handle any stubborn clumps and stray pet hairs. The bigger 7-cell battery means that you get more vacuum time per charge.

Another thing I love about the Dyson V11 is its advanced motor and functional systems. The vacuum has an LCD screen that displays how much cleaning time you have left. You can also select different cleaning modes so you get better results depending on the surface you are working on. And, if you happen to hit a snag with your machine, you can view some brief maintenance videos right from the display built-in.

In Auto mode, your Dyson V11 will automatically adapt to different surface and debris types. The high toque cleaner will intelligently adjust suction depending on how much force is needed to clean different surfaces. Boost mode gives you raw power for the ultimate cleaning force. It drains the battery faster as well. Eco mode gives you more time to clean around hard to reach areas, the stairs, and the floors.

Like other top choices designed for pet hairs, the V11 Torque drive has an excellent HEPA filtration that captures allergens like pollen and airborne pet dander. Remember that vacuums for pet hair have to include a reliable filter that can capture and trap allergens so only clean air can be released back into your living space.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive


  • 3 cleaning modes (eco, auto, or boost)
  • Advanced V11 motor offers 40% more cleaning power
  • Lightweight, well balanced, and easily manoeuvrable
  • More power for longer clean up jobs on auto mode
  • The LCD screen displays battery life, cleaning modes, and tells you remaining cleaning time available
  • Dynamic Load Sensor allows for intelligent motor and suction control for ultimate cleaning performance
  • Easy maintenance


  • Rather small dust bin capacity


2.Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 02

  • Best Value Vacuum

The Dyson V10 Animal is the intermediate level of the V10-family. Their entry-level machine is the Motorhead and the advanced version machine is the V10 Absolute which gives you everything; crevice tools, soft dusting brushes, small motorized tool, and a soft roller cleaner head.

I find the V10 Animal to offer better value and performance of the three. The only thing you don’t get with the Animal edition is the soft roller cleaner head, otherwise, it’s every bit as powerful and top quality as the Absolute V10 edition, only at a $100 less price tag.

You’ll also get a much bigger dust bin compared to the V8 and v10 motorhead. You’ll love the performance of this unit when converted to a handheld vacuum. It feels light in the hand but you can tell that it’s a sturdy unit capable of handling different cleaning scenarios.

You get multiple cleaning accessories for under furniture or high up cleaning, mattress, upholstery, stairs, floor, etc. Its battery can run a whole hour making it the perfect candidate for when you need extra battery life for extended cleaning sessions.

The V10 family vacuums are pretty amazing -undoubtedly- but the price is still too high especially on their premium edition.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal


  • Lighter than stick vacuums
  • Well balanced and easily manoeuvrable
  • Transforms into a handheld vacuum for cleaning all around your home and car
  • Costly but it offers the best value for money
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not the best deep pile carpet cleaning


3.Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 03

  • Best Dyson for whole-home cleaning

This is perhaps the most popular high-powered upright vacuum available in the market. It is definitely a bulky vacuum but it is the best cleaner if you can get past the weight issue. It packs an impressive 306 Air Watts of raw suction power for deeper cleaning.

The Ball Animal 2 Upright comes equipped with few but essential cleaning tools to allow for whole-home cleaning. The combination of an extension wand and hose makes this vacuum reach up to 50 feet from the socket. It gives you an extra 15 ft that comes in handy when you want t clean behind furniture or even up the stairs – leave the heavy vacuum at the base and move with the lighter wand extension.

This unit comes with a larger dust bin that comes off easily for emptying. Even though the extra-large features of this unit make it all too heavy, it is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre. The Animal 2 ball houses most of the electronics and motor components in the ball giving the vacuum a lower centre of gravity for easy turning and smooth rolling.

This is slightly an expensive vacuum cleaner, but I’m certain it’s worth the money if what you are looking for is a unit that can clean the whole house -intensively. Since it uses a cord, you don’t have to worry about having to recharge amid the cleaning session.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright


  • Strongest suction of any vacuum in the market
  • Easily manoeuvrable for a heavy vacuum
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head works different surfaces like a breeze
  • Excellent pickup of dust, dirt and hair
  • Easy maintenance


  • Only includes a few basic accessories
  • Not recommended for budget


4.Dyson V11 Animal(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 04

  • Best Cordless Vacuum

The V11 Animal is Dyson’s entry-level vacuum cleaner that uses their powerful V11 digital motor. This is an outstanding cordless vacuum with a bigger motor, bigger battery, and bigger dust bin. This means that you’ll get more performance out of this unit than you will with the v10 or v8 editions. However, both the V11 Animal and V11 Torque Drive are a bit on the heavy side. This makes them too tiring for longer vacuum cleaning sessions.

The only difference between the v11 Animal and v11 Torque drive is that the later comes with one more attachment (the soft roller brush) and has an LCD display while the Animal edition features an LED screen display. Of course, you will pay $50 more for the Torque drive edition.

What I love about these Dyson power machines is their intelligence systems. They use a Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) system which automatically turns up the suction when running through the carpet. This offers thorough, deeper cleaning. When it’s rolled over the hard floor, it automatically dials down.  Lesser editions like the V8 lack this feature, so you have to use your intuition when working on different surfaces. Sometimes you will just have to use the low settings even if you're cleaning a really dirty rug – the high suction and powerful cyclones generate too much force that the brush head gets sucked down so hard into the rug that they stop rolling.

The V11 series both feature whole machine filtration that traps dust and allergens that settles onto your pillows, drapes, and carpets. These are ideal for homes with pets, especially if you have a member who has asthma or allergies.

Dyson V11 Animal


  • Trigger control for power on/off save battery
  • The vacuum automatically adjusts the suction for focused cleaning
  • The brushroll navigates swiftly and is lightweight to push
  • Flexible wand and a 90-deg swivelling base allow for smooth navigation on edges and corners
  • Eco mode gives you more cleaning time


  • It lacks the soft roller cleaning head
  • Bin is still too small

5.Dyson V7 Animal Pro(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 05

  • Best for Versatility

This is perhaps the most ideal versatile cleaning vacuum from Dyson. Because it comes with additional tools, the V7 Animal pro suits homes with multiple pets and children who are equally messy. You get a compact size, light weight vacuum cleaner that comes with a whole arsenal of cleaning tools to find dirt, pet hair, and debris from out of the nooks and crannies.

There are two editions of the V7 Animal Pro, with the difference being that one has 7 tools while the other has 10 additional cleaning tools. Pet owners will especially appreciate the mini-motorized tool which makes cleaning under tight places like the couch, car seats, and on the bed very easy. The combination tool can be used to when you’re cleaning difference surfaces in one session, and the Flexi crevice tool gets into tighter spaces like behind the ridge or under the sofa.

Like all Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, the V7 Animal Pro can easily convert into a handheld vacuum for quick stop cleaning. It is lighter than most and is definitely easy to balance when cleaning the cleaning up top. It comes with a low-profile Direct-drive cleaner head that can clean deeper, farther under furniture.

Dyson’s whole-machine filtration system is featured in this unit. It captures minute dust and allergens as it expels clean air back into the living space. This is an excellent feature to have if you have members who are allergic to pet hair, pet dander, and even pollen.

Dyson V7 Animal Pro


  • Lighter than most Dyson Ball Upright vacs
  • Well balanced and easily manoeuvrable
  • Easily transforms into a handheld vac
  • More tools for whole-home and car cleaning
  • Performs better on different surfaces


  • Could disappoint when using on the hard floor
  • Easy maintenance but the battery isn’t the most durable

6.Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 06

  • Best Budget Vacuum

Every bit as powerful as the V10 Animal and V10 Absolute, but this entry-level machine in Dyson’s V10 edition lacks the extra-large dust bin present in the other advanced editions. You also don’t get the small motorized powerhead, or a toque drive cleaner head included in the later editions.

The V10 Motorhead is lighter and I find it to be more manoeuvrable especially is you will be doing a lot of up top cleaning. It has a low-profile cleaner head that makes cleaning down low and farther under furniture all too easy.

It may be the smaller unit of the V10 family, but it packs a lot of power. It is driven by the Dyson v10 digital motor which gives a powerful enough suction to pick up deep sited dirt and debris. It’s impressive that you also get up to an hour’s run time of this unit.

You get the most battery life when using the non-powered tools. There are three cleaning modes each of which draws different amount of power. The suction mode 1 and suction mode two draw less power and can run up to 20-40 min. The highest setting is the max suction mode that does the deepest cleaning and digs deep in the carpet to pull up ground-in dirt.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead


  • Powerful suction on all indoor floor types
  • Medium level of suction with a longer run time
  • Manoeuvring is quite easy. It swivels
  • Turns around walls and furniture effortlessly
  • low maintenance capability means it’s durable
  • Conveniently stores and charges at the wall-mounted bracket
  • At 80 dB on High setting, it’s only as loud as city traffic


  • Has only basic accessories
  • Smaller dust bin


7.Dyson V7 Trigger(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 07

  • Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This handheld Dyson resembles the Stick models which usually function as 2-in-1 vacuums that can detach the longer attachments. It is cordless and light in weight and still packs as much micro-engine power as the Dyson stick vacuums.

The Dyson V7 trigger is perfect for people who don’t require the versatility of having a full stick. If you only clean around upholstery, the car seat, or the occasional spot cleaning on the carpet or drapes, this is perhaps the best option for you.

It features the Dyson digital v7 motor that gives steady suction throughout the clean-up session. Its lithium-ion batteries can carry enough charge to take you a whole 40 minutes – depending on usage of course.

It may not be the most versatile Dyson vacuum, but you do get enough cleaning tools to make your cleaning job quick and easy. You get the mini motorized tool which I found to be great for removing pet hair from the couch and beddings. The combination tool and crevice tool offer some degree of versatility and are especially good for cleaning deep and getting dust/debris that settles around tight spots -like the cracks of a car interior.

While this vac does a good job removing long dog hair on medium pile carpets, not all the pet hair goes into the dust canister. This causes a tangling situation in the brush rolls. It would have been nice if Dyson’s tangle-free turbine tool could fit on the V7 Trigger. Since it doesn’t, you will just have to clean your brush roll regularly if you are going to use it on pet hair.

In my opinion, the Trigger is an excellent handheld vacuum and is adequately powerful to handle most cleaning jobs. I also think its price is a bit on the higher end. For a vacuum cleaner that ranges in the ballpark of $200, you’d expect more features – HEPA, longer battery life, and better tool compatibility. Dyson could also include the wall mount in the package. It helps store the unit conveniently, and it doubles as a charging point. I feel this is likely a very inexpensive feature that Dyson could consider adding if the price for this unit is going to linger where it currently is.

Dyson V7 Trigger


  • 2 power modes allow for better performance depending on the cleaning job
  • Actual run time was higher on the non-motorized tool
  • Excellent performance on both carpet and hard floor
  • Lightweight and well balanced for easy holding and operation
  • Cleaning tools “click” firmly onto the vacuum for stress-free cleaning.


  • The run time in max mode can take you less than 10 minutes
  • There is no HEPA filter which is always a plus for machines used in homes where members have asthma and allergies
  • This does not come with a wall mount but would have been a handy addition


8.Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2(Check Latest Price)

Best Dyson for Pet Hair 08

  • Best Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Compared to the Dyson Ball Animal 2, this is a slightly smaller, lighter, and still packs enough suction for most of your cleaning needs. Since it is corded, you expect to do more cleaning on this than you would with Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums or handheld.  It’s extra-large dust bin capacity together with a self-adjusting cleaning head that rolls effortlessly on carpet, wood, tile, and vinyl makes this unit an excellent vacuum for whole-home cleaning.

While this is an upright series in Dyson’s vac arsenal, it can drop down so that you are able to reach farther under furniture that have a fair amount of clearance. This is a feature that Dyson stick vacuum users enjoy with ease but is absent in Dyson Ball vacuum editions. Even so, you can connect attachments like the Articulating hard floor tool and tangle-free turbine head to the built-in wand and long-reach hose and easily reach as far as 40-ft behind furniture.

Using this machine on a deep pile carpet can prove problematic. The cleaner head is designed to automatically adjust to different surfaces so that it can seal in the area under the cleaning head to achieve better suction, in turn, this makes it pull lower so that pushing forward on deeper piles becomes a struggle. Cleaning low pile carpets is a breeze.

I figure having a height control setting would have solved the issues with working on deep pile carpets. You would have been able to raise the cleaner head when it gets stuck in. Also, having a suction release valve would have served the same purpose. Unfortunately, these are not available on the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2


  • More cleaning power than cordless stick vac
  • Lighter than most Dyson Ball Upright vacs
  • Well balanced and easily manoeuvrable
  • Plenty of suction to clean different surfaces
  • Top-notch pickup of dust, dirt and hair
  • Excellent performance on medium & low pile
  • Comes with washable filter
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not ideal for deep pile carpet cleaning
  • Low cleaner head only moves larger debris
  • Doesn’t have a specialized pet hair tool