10 Best Pet Strollers [2020 Reviews]

Going on a long morning walk with your favorite pet could be a lot exciting. But sometimes your cat or dog is not ready to walk the whole trip due to any condition. For that an essential gear for pet owners is having a functional stroller to help him/her enjoy outdoors. There are variety of cat and dog strollers available and you can get overwhelmed on which pet stroller to choose from the available options. 

Pets really enjoy when they are pampered a lot. So providing them a comfortable home (stroller) while he is away from home is something which is truly enjoyable for both of you. Also don't forget to give him a toy and his favorite treat while he enjoys sitting on his stroller. The pet strollers can be quite useful for pets especially who are elderly or get any injury on the way or just for fun. They make sure that the cat or dog are safe, secure and energized while getting fresh air.

Best Pet Strollers

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Being a pet owner myself, i have a craze to buy pet supplies which can make my pets happy at all times. For that i would do anything to buy them any gear or essential they might need. A lot of my friends also come to me for choosing the best products for their cats and dogs. 

So whether that is pet stroller, cat training collars, dog collar cameras or brush, brooms, pet vacuums or whatever needed for the pets i am always there. 

After doing a lot of research and analyzing hundreds of pet products in different categories you can trust my chosen products and buy with confidence from here as its not the numbers of products listed but also an honest review of every product which can help you in the long run. 


Who Should Buy a Pet Stroller?

Well as we all know that cats and dogs both are wonderful pets. Many households have both a cat and a dog or at least either one of the two. So let's have a brief look on to why you need to buy a cat or a dog stroller.

For Dog Owners

  • A Helping Hand for Elderly dogs - Elderly dogs might need an easier way to enjoy fresh air outside. They get tired easily and can't walk for long. So by using a quality dog stroller, you can spend quality time with them without making them over strain or hurting their joints.
  • Great solution for Injured Dogs - Dogs love enjoying nature, but what if your dog has been in a recent injury or have been recovering from a surgery. Rather than cooping him indoors all time, you can have him roam outside on a stroller for his better well being and quick recovery.
  • Great Pet Carrier - Dog strollers are new addition to carrying your pet safe and sound. Unlike most pet carriers, a stroller is not heavy on your arms, shoulders or back. It offers more convenience for both dog and the owner. 
  • Dog Paw Protection - Sidewalks can be very awful in some conditions for your dear pet. Not only the heat on hot summer days can be irritating for your dog but he can bump into broken piece of glass, trash or harsh chemicals. A dog stroller can easily keep your dog paws clean and safe. 
  • Easy Transportation - If you have more than one dog, it could be quite difficult to manage them. Especially if one dog is small in size and the other is big. The double dog stroller is meant for such purpose. Also using a dog stroller in urban areas keeps your dog safe and secure. 

For Cat Owners

  • Perfect for Disabled Cats - Either you pet cat is temporarily injured or is permanently disabled, a perfect solution for your feline pet is to buy her a practical pet stroller. So that she could also enjoy the sunshine while spending quality time with you. 
  • For Cats with Skittish Nature - We see that most of the cats are notorious to be of skittish nature. This means that they get scared easily and start to run in any direction if they feel unsafe. Though their are a lot of cat training collars to tame them, they might don't do well on a leash most of the times. So its better to use pet stroller to keep them safe from traffic or crowd. 

Best Pet Strollers to Buy in 2020

Without further ado, lets dive in to finding the best pet strollers you can buy right now. Here is the list of some of the top rated, high quality and best pet strollers in no particular order. You can compare their features, reviews, pros and cons and make a wise decision to choose a perfect stroller for your pet. 


1. Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller

The Paws & Pals 4 wheeler elite jogger pet stroller is an excellent choice for both cats and dogs. It is very easy to walk with and quite simple to folding travel carrier for your pet while you are going outdoors. The manual claims that it has capacity of 33 pounds of weight. We have seen that two cats weighing 15 pounds each can easily sit inside and still some place left. 

It has two clips on both of its sides and a 1 foot leash harness so that the pet remains inside even when the canopy mesh is not closed. Usually a dog would sit calmly even without a harness. But naughty cats might try to sneak and jump out if leash not attached. 

This pet stroller is very spacious and have multiple windows for breath ability. It also features a large compartment for storage which can be used for keeping pet toys, treats and other supplies you might need on the way. 

Paws and pals is an oxgord brand so quality assurance and certification is no doubt the best. It meets all the safety standards for pets. The best part is that its a budget yet high quality pet stroller which you can buy right now at under $50 which is indeed a great buy. 


  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Useful and large storage. 
  • Lightweight and easy fold/unfold.
  • 2 cup holders 
  • Budget Friendly Pet Stroller.


  • Bumpy ride on uneven terrain. 
  • Front tires not very powerful, better if they are air tires. 


2. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller


Pet Gear has been manufacturing pet supplies since 1936. They have been introducing new and innovative tech products for pets since a long time. This No zip NV stroller is one of them.

No zip is a great feature for strollers so you get an easy locking latch instead of zipped closure. You can quickly open the door for your pet to come and sit comfortably and then lock the door. Similarly you can easily unlock the door when you want him out. It has dual entry so the pet can enter or exit from either sides. 

This is a 4 wheel stroller and standard size one has weight capacity of 100 pounds whereas the extended version can hold large dogs of up to 150 pounds. So the pet compartment is quite spacious and includes a top mesh and an upper viewing area. 

Another notable feature is that instead of plastic tires you get air ride tires. If you are going to walk on a rough terrain, the type of wheels matters a lot. Air ride tires offer extra comfort and easy and effortless maneuvering anywhere. It is easy to assemble, is compact,  folds and unfolds in seconds for easy transportation. 


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Compact in size and easy folding/unfolding.
  • Perfect for large dogs. 
  • No Zip Technology. 
  • Premium Product from a renowned brand. 


  • Platform is a bit small for large dogs over 100 pounds. 
  • Dogs have to sit upright in the stroller which can be difficult for injured or old dogs. 


3. HPZ Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller

 As you know that your dog or cat is not only your pet but in actual your favorite companion and your baby. Keeping in mind the same feelings, HPZ designed a luxurious, spacious and comfortable pet rover stroller which your pets would enjoy. HPZ pet stroller gives your pet a feel of utmost care and affection. Your pets would love fresh air and sight seeing outdoors in style.

Some of the top features of HPZ Premium heavy duty pet strollers are zip-less entry,  comfortable ride, weather and waterproof top cover, convertible size, extra storage and much more. 

The No Zip technology is now getting essential nowadays and we see most pet strollers with easy lock latches and doors instead of zip. This reduces your hassle to fumble with opening and closing of zippers all the time. 

The overall build quality is amazing. The frame of stroller is heavy duty stainless steel and aluminium which is strong yet lightweight. It also features premium human grade suspension with comfort wheels and 360 degree rotating front wheels and adaptive rear braking system. 

The stroller can accommodate a number of pets and is convertible so you can extend it if you want more pets inside. It can hold many pets of different sizes and comes with safety belts too. A large basket for storage can hold accessory bags, supplies and other items easily.


  • Zipless Pet Entry/exit
  • Large Storage basket
  • For more number of pets. 
  • Comfortable ride.  


  • Need to add padding for pet comfort. 


4. ibiyaya 5 in 1 Pet Carrier + Backpack + Car Seat + Pet Carrier Stroller

Courtesy of Amazon.com

 Pic from Amazon.com

This is a convertible 5 in 1 multi function pet stroller. It saves you from the hassle of buying every different carrier for different occasions, thus saving you more money and time in the long run. It can be used as a pet carrier, as a backpack when you are doing adventure outdoors, as a car seat for your puppy or kitten or even a rolling carrier. 

It is extremely lightweight and is a three wheeler, even being quite sturdy, the ride is pretty smooth and even a kid can navigate his/her pet anywhere. This pet stroller and all its convertible versions pass the SGS quality test and stress crack resistance test. Being a compact and multi purpose stroller it has a single hand folding capability and easy to convert. 

The stroller comes with solid EVA wheels which are wear resistant and the body is light metal and plastic frame. It also has a multi stage telescopic handle which feels easy on hands. The height can be adjusted as per height requirement. There is soft padding for pet, which is machine washable when required.

There is a large opening for cats and dogs to get in and out easily. When the pet gets inside, roll up the flap for privacy and security. It has a mesh window and small holes for ventilation. 


  • Versatile multi functional pet stroller and carrier. 
  • High quality build and lightweight frame. 
  • Multi stage telescopic handle.
  • Comes in beautiful bright and attractive colors. 


  • Better for small pets as maximum weight limit is 16 pounds. 
  • No more than one pet at a time. 


5. Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller 

By combining the features of all highly ranked pet strollers, Pet gear was able to come up with a top notch jogger pet stroller which you can rely on. This is a special edition stroller with no zippers which means loading and unloading your pet is very easy. The number of happy customers on amazon product listing page suggests they really have a responsive customer and tech support team. They stand by their product and claims and help in case you face any problem. 

The stroller runs smoothly on rough terrain and bumpy roads. It features front wheel locking feature which assures smooth ride for your pet. The 3 big air tire wheels are also a nice addition and makes it easy to maneuver to any place with ease. 

Apart from that, it has a panoramic view window for your pet to get view of the country side while you are walking or jogging. Your pet can look out of the stroller with the support of front bar. It also includes a plush bolster pad and an elevated paw rest for comfortable sitting while enjoying the ride. 

It has plenty of head space and is large enough to accommodate dogs or cats of up to 70 pounds. The interior dimensions are 30"L X 13"W X 22"H. It is 4 feet high and around 3.25 feet high when folded. 


  • Panoramic View Window
  • Perfect rear safety breaks.
  • No Zipper Easy lock feature. 
  • Big Air Tire Wheels for smooth ride. 


  • Should have an option of cat harness. 
  • Delicate mesh and cat might chew to get out. 
  • Basket is not huge but only few essentials. 


6. Paws & Pals Dog Stroller - 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger

Another great option for your injured or elderly or lazy pet is to buy him a 3 wheeler elite jogger pet stroller from Paws & Pals. To load or unload your cat or dog you need to use the zipper entry way. It also has a front foorboard step for your pet to easily get in himself. It has canopy and mesh window shades which save your pet from UV sun rays in hot summer and still allow for good deal of air flow and breath-ability. 

Whether you want it for your dog or cat, make use of leash clip so that your pet is safe and secure while you enjoy your walk. Though it feels quite large it can hold a maximum of 33 pounds of pet weight only. The interior dimensions are 19.5”L x 25.5”W x 39.25”H so make sure your pet has enough room when he is inside. 

A one click press on the handle will let the stroller fold completely. As it takes minimal space when folded, it is a perfect travel choice. Three wheels pet strollers are usually thought to be easy to handle especially when running or jogging. 


  • Cushion mattress for comfort 
  • Comfortable Grip Handle
  • Three zipped entries. 
  • 360 degree front wheel rotation and rear lock braking system. 


  • Cheap Tyre and squeak on uneven terrain.
  • Small gaps on sides, kittens might slip out if not secured properly.  


7. PetLuv Carrier and Stroller

Petluv Pet carrier and stroller is a premium product to carry your cat or dog for a vet trip, going for a walk or while traveling. It is really comfy and cozy inside for helping your pet get a nice rest while you are out. It is actually a carrier on wheels, so it does fold absolutely flat for storage or when not in use. So its extremely easy to carry and portable. 

The internal space is 4 times more than traditional strollers or carriers. The dimension is 16"W, 16"H, 24"L. Alongside you get an ultra soft three inches bright colored fluffy fluffy plush sleep pillow for your pet to take a nap on the go. The frame is made of high quality steel which assures no sagging. It can be used both for cats and dogs of medium sizes. The weight limit combined is 45 pounds. 

As it is open from all sides, it has mesh all over. Your pet gets panoramic views and fresh airflow from all sides. The easy zipped access from three sides and from front and top is an added benefit. The pet remains safe and secure while inside. 

If you are not using it as a stroller, you can also carry it on your shoulders. It has extra padded shoulder straps to reduce strain and a comfortable handle grip for easy carrying. 


  • Heavy duty rubber mesh
  • Large pockets on sides for storage.
  • Seat belt loops for securing pets in car.
  • Locking wheels.
  • Can be used both as carrier and stroller.


  • Naughty cats can tear open the mesh.


8. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

Pet Gear has introduced this extremely lightweight travel stroller for carrying puppies and cats easily. This stroller is No.1 Best seller on Amazon Pet stroller category and is Amazon Choice. Though its pretty basic in functions and you don't get anything fancy. It is priced at under 50 dollars which makes it a perfect buy for most households with pets. 

The weight limit as mentioned is up to 15 pounds so large dogs won't fit in. It folds into ultra compact size in seconds and is very portable. It is mere 9 pounds itself so walking with this stroller is pretty easy. To make a smooth ride you get 6 inches large plastic wheels. 

The handle is 38 inches high and an average person can walk the stroller easily without the need to bend. The interior padding is only a removable liner which can be washed. If your cat or dog demands luxury, he/she might not be happy with this one. 


  • Amazon Best Seller No.1 Pet stroller. 
  • Lightweight and Portable. 
  • Perfect for small pets 
  • Folding and unfolding within seconds. 
  • Value for money.


  • Only for small pets under 15 pounds. 
  • Plastic tires and wobbly front wheels.
  • Difficult to maneuver on rough surface. 


9. BestPet Pet Stroller 4 Wheels Posh Folding

The Bestpet 4 wheels stroller is made of durable aluminium alloy material which is not only strong but also lightweight. Also the cloth of stroller is beautifully designed in a check shape made of high quality nylon material which is water repellent and waterproof. So you are assured your pet won't get wet even on rainy days. There is also a mesh window for your cat or dog to see outside while staying safe inside. 

The front wheels can swivel 360 degree and large 6.3 inches wheels ensure smooth ride on rough or uneven terrain also. The stroller is very easy to assemble with the help of manual. It can be folded easily for storing or traveling. It weighs only 11 pounds and can carry pets up to 33 pounds. 

It also contains a cup holder near the handle and a large carrier to keep treats and toys for the trip. They also offer a 12 month warranty with 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee for the happiness of your pets. 


  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • 360 degree front wheel rotation. 
  • Waterproof and water repellent stroller cloth. 
  • Convenient cup holders. 
  • 12 months warranty. 


  • Doesn't work well on grass and unpaved areas. 
  • Handle bar is a little too low for some people. 


10. Paws & Pals Double Pet Stroller

This is a great double pet stroller by Paws & Pals which can hold up to 55 pounds of pet per basket. It is not only designed for cats or dogs only but you can also it for other animals like rabbits etc. As it is a large and wide stroller it is constructed with heavy duty iron tubing with sturdy plastic parts. It is built to withstand any wear and tear.

This double stroller contains all safety features so even if you have small cats or dogs, the leash clips help them stay safe and secure all the times. Strolling all year round with your favorite pet is not a problem anymore.It comes with adjustable canopy and multiple mesh screen for proper ventilation for all type of weathers. 

Regardless of the size of the stroller it is very easy to assemble and fold. The mattress and carriage can be removed from the frame for easy cleaning and washing. Rear and front parking brakes allows you to stop it anywhere without risk of it rolling away. 


  • Multiple zippered entries.
  • Double pet stroller with carrying limit of 110 pounds combined. 
  • Shock absorbers and parking brakes. 
  • Comfortable Grip handle. 
  • Cushioned mattress 


  • Unstable with two medium dogs inside. 
  • Unable to carry large dogs at the same time.  


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Pet Stroller

The best stroller would be the one which is comfortable for your pet and fits your needs. There are a few things you should always consider while going to buy pet stroller for your cat or dog or multiple one of them.

Size and Weight 

Weight carrying capability of the pet stroller is the first and most important thing to consider. Always check for interior dimensions of the stroller and compare it with the height and size of your dog. Also don't forget to check the maximum allowed weight for a specific stroller and choose the one which can handle your cats or dog easily.

Safety features

Safety features like braking systems, strong and lasting mesh windows, leash and harness clips are necessary to ensure safe trip of your pet with you. 


Some strollers are great for a paved and smooth road but won't run on unpaved or uneven surfaces. So depending on the choice and intention of use, you must always check its terrain capabilities and if it really can work on bumpy and uneven paths. You need to check for type of tires, their suspension system and wheels size which matters a lot.

Stroller Handling

As you are the one, who would be going to push the stroller with your pet, its essential to know if handling would be easy or difficult. If the stroller itself is too heavy or handling is hard, you would not be able to walk.

Comfort and Storage 

Whenever you would like to take your cat or dog outside, you would need to keep some toys, treats or other items which you might need. It should have enough storage space to keep all things without any hassle. Also cushioned and padded interiors give your dear pet a cozy, warm and comfortable feeling so that he could also enjoy his ride in style. 



We hope that we have helped you choose some of the best and top rated cat and dog strollers for you to choose from. Here is the breakdown of pet strollers as per your preference. You can read the reviews above and buy the one you think seems a good and perfect fit for you and your pet.