Best 11 Non Tracking Cat Litter [2020 Reviews]

Non Tracking Cat Litter

Are you tired of seeing kitty track her mess around the house? This is a perpetual problem for most cat owners. We know well that using the right cat litter can make a huge difference in terms of cleanliness, but what really is the best litter for this?

Most cat owners rave about the performance of non-tracking cat litter, praising the system for efficiently preventing kitty from tracking her mess all over the house. But, don’t be misled into thinking you can find a litter that won’t track at all. Even the best non-tracking litter for cats is going to get stuck on kitty’s paws or hairs occasionally. So, finding a granule or two in your bedroom should be no cause for alarm.

You probably want to set up a system that minimizes tracking such that there won’t be demand for regular cleaning or litter box maintenance on your part. I find the best way to achieve this is to pair an outstanding litter box and litter mat with an excellent low tracking cat litter.

Choosing a suitable cat litter for such a functional system isn’t rocket science. But, if you want to be cleaning your home only once daily, I suggest you grab your blue light shield reading glasses, because we’ve got a lot to talk about.


Selecting the Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter

The best non-tracking litter for your cat must be highly absorbent, weighty, and less sticky so it doesn’t hang onto your cat’s paws and leave grit trails across the house. If you want to spend less time vacuuming and cleaning, you’ll need to choose cat litter that’s non-tracking as well as dust-free, or even flushable.

But there’s nothing clear-cut about choosing a cat litter. We can only look for some of the essential characteristics in the cat litter that could make a difference in terms of low-tracking performance as well as the health and comfort of your cat.

Here are some considerations you need to make when choosing your cat litter.

Pellet Size and Texture: Typically, “lightweight equals heavy tracking.” This is because larger granules are thought to be easy to shake off from your little buddy’s paws. Even so, some lightweight litter combine non-stick systems with a smooth texture that makes the granules less sticky, hence hard to be tracked around.

Clumping vs. Non-Clumping: Each has its benefits and downsides that you need to figure out in terms of what would suit you and your feline friend’s needs. Generally, non-clumping cat litter is thought to track less, but clumping litter promises more natural moisture & odour control.

Hypoallergenic: If your cat is allergic to substances in the litter, she’ll take her business elsewhere, defeating the whole purpose of getting the fancy litter for her special room. Likewise, if you are allergic to the litter, you’re less likely to clean up as often, making things more counterproductive. The middle ground should be a cat litter that no one in the family is allergic to.

Dust-free: The whole purpose of getting cat litter is to make cleaning after your cat much easier. So, cat litter that isn’t dust-free doesn’t make the grade. Plus, clouds of dust that rise when pouring and shaking can stir up allergies and respiratory problems, maddening the unhelpful.

Odour and Scent: The dreadful smell that comes from the litter box irks most cats and could get under your skin too. Some litter manufacturers use mild scents to control odour. More litters control odours by naturally sealing odour-causing bacteria in a clumped-up ball. Selecting a litter that not only absorbs and masks toxic odour but one that also inhibits ammonia build-up is crucial to maintaining a healthier environment for you and your cat.


Non-Tracking Cat Litter: Our Top 11 Picks

With no single characteristic giving away a litter’s tracking tendencies, hands-on testing remains to be the best reliable way to judge whether or not a litter tracks.

Trust, Sir/Ma’am, you’re going to test a whole container load worth of cat litter from different brands before you can find a litter that works for you. By which time puff-puff will have left little presents in your expensive leather shoes.

We’ve chosen 11 of the best low-tracking cat litters on the market so you don’t have to deal with the whole trial-and-error ridiculousness. From odour control to dust production, each of these products excels in a different area and will satisfy different types of cat owners.


1.Elsey's Premium, Ultra (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 01

Here’s a litter that has a reputation. If you’ve used this cat litter before, you’ll agree that it offers above-average performance. And it is reasonably priced too!

This is a clumping clay litter praised for making cleaning after the cat simple. It is made of uniquely formulated clay pellets that form a firm clump whenever your whickered friend goes about her business. The clumping action is fast, and because the granules are made robust and weighty, you won’t find them scattered.  However, if your cat’s paws are wet, the pellets are likely to clamp around their paws and damp hairs around their legs. You might have to do some paw grinding and hair trimming to deal with the ‘sticky’ situation.

Dr. Elsey’s Premium, Ultra litter is also known to be suitable for odour control and is safe for hypersensitive kitties. Their natural hypo-allergenic formulated litter is both human and animal-friendly.


  • Heavy granules reduce tracking and scattering
  • Particularly excellent for multiple cat homes
  • Practically dust-free
  • Creates hardy clumps that are easy to scoop
  • A great value litter


  • Difficult to pour from the heavy bag
  • Litter sticks on wet cat paws and to the bottom of the box


2.Elsey's Premium, Cat Attract (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 02

They don’t say this is the litter cats love for nothing. Cat Attract by Dr. Elsey's is ideal for cat owners who’ve been having it hard training their kittens to use the ‘sandbox.’ It’s an excellent pick for homes with more than one cat - everyone just minds their business.

It gives a herbal scent that apparently cat’s love, and it doesn’t threaten to set off your allergies – although, this isn’t the best hypoallergenic cat litter out there. The granule’s ideal size and feel stimulate your cat's instinctive desire of naturally needing to excrete only in the soft-textured sand so they can bury easily.

Cat Attract also features a superb clumping ability that makes mechanical cleaning a breeze. Dr. Elsey’s litter isn’t exactly completely dust-free, but it’s probably the best you can find, compared to other lumping clay litters. And, you won’t have any problems with litter scattering or sticking in your cat’s paws.


  • It’s a multi-cat litter that remains economical for owners with many cats
  • Ideal texture and pellet size is loved by kittens making it great for litter training kittens
  • The herbal scent is pleasant
  • Mechanical scooping
  • Dust-free home


  • Clumps are firm but take on a wet cement consistency that can stick on the box and make cleaning quite the task


3.Purina Yesterday's News Unscented (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 03

Here’s a litter that’s safe for you and your kitty. It is crafted from recycled newspaper and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that are risky to animals or humans.

These come in non-abrasive, weighty pellets that do not clump. They are considered one of the lowest-tracking litters you can find on the market. Crafted with a non-clumping formulation also means you don’t have to worry about anything sticking your kitty’s paw claws or hairs. This makes the litter ideal for cat owners who prefer to have the litter box in the bathroom or in the laundry room.

Moisture control is excellent. This litter absorbs moisture faster than is the case with clay-based litter. Cats are discerning little fellows, and a little messy situation could put them off from using the litter box. This litter keeps their special room fresh, dry and welcoming so they don’t take their business to the doormat.


  • Crafted from recycled newspaper
  • Small particle litter granules offer excellent low tracking performance
  • Super soft granules are gentle on the most sensitive of paws
  • No added fragrance makes it ideal for sensitive cats
  • Better moisture control thanks to highly absorbent litter formula
  • Natural odour control
  • Low dust situation that is bearable


  • Doesn’t clump, making it a bit higher maintenance
  • Isn’t the best at controlling bad smells from the litter box, but it maintains tolerable levels


4.SmartCat All Natural (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 04

This is an excellent biodegradable cat litter that’s safe for you, your cat, and the environment. It is crafted entirely from grass and doesn’t add any ‘unnatural’ additives like chemicals and fragrance making it a safe, nontoxic litter option for your cat.

Naturally, cats excrete in soft soil because they feel it’s easy to bury their business. The SmartCat All Natural formula made their litter lightweight and soft-textured with a creamy sand-like look that is sure to be most welcoming to any cat.

The fast clamping action and fragrance-free characteristics of this litter make odour control a breeze. Moisture is quickly absorbed into the pellets, which quickly clump and hold in urine odour.

Being lightweight, you’d expect to have the litter particles flying loose all over when you pour or shake, but this isn’t the case. These granules settle well, and you’ll love their low tracking performance. With no dusty situation to be concerned about, I figure this litter is safe for cats and owners with allergies or respiratory issues.


  • Light in weight and recommended for kittens
  • Fast clumping action deals with odour and moisture effectively
  • Ideal for training kittens and other small pets like rabbits, ferrets, and chinchillas.
  • The all-natural formula, GMO-free and fragrance-free is safe for you, the pet, and the environment
  • Comes in different bag sizes for easy handling


  • Minimal tracking but can be handled by placing a mat
  • Pour hurriedly and you’ll have a dusty situation to deal with


5.Arm & Hammer Platinum Slide (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 05

You probably won’t find a litter that is completely dust free and one that has the least amount of tracking like this Arm & Hammer cat litter. It makes caring for your cat as easy as taking a nap.

Now, this is a clumping cat litter that is crafted using proprietary clump & seal technology so that it clumps quickly around urine and faeces and traps in odours. Its formula combines powerful odour eliminators with baking soda to fight sealed-in odour-causing bacteria for non-stop odour control.

Worry no more about litter being tracked all over the house. This litter clumps wonderfully, and it gets substantially firm when it stays for a day. But that’s no excuse to go longer between box cleaning. It’s probably a good thing that this litter clumps hard such that it becomes unbelievably easy to remove all waste and leave the unused granules. You won’t have to change all litter at once.

While this is a product many people love, a good number of cat owners using this litter don’t seem to care for the perfumed scent of it. Most people find it to be overly nauseating and would have preferred a milder scent, if not at all. The strong scent makes it hard to ignore if you have your litter box in areas where you frequent often.


  • Highly recommended litter on the market
  • Clumps are firm
  • Low-tracking performance for minimal clean-ups
  • Dense, fine granules stick less to your cat’s paws
  • Doesn’t stick to the bottom of the litter box
  • Exceptionally low-dust compared to other clay litter


  • Contain added fragrance that could be overwhelming for most cats and owners


6.Lucy Pet Cats Incredible Unscented (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 06

This is a fantastic cat litter, and you’ll love how the clumps hold. The majority of the clumps are bulky and hold together firmly for easy scooping. Clumps also form relatively fast such that all the urine and faeces odour gets locked in the clumped litter ball. You’ll appreciate how this greatly reduces the litter box smell, especially if you cannot tolerate your house even remotely smelling like a litter box.

It comes in a top-handle, top-spout plastic bottle that makes pouring a breeze. There’s no dust coming from this litter when pouring into the box. You might as well put your hand into a freshly poured litter to level and smooth it out and your hand will come out surprisingly clean.

The unscented litter is readily accepted by most cats. Cats Incredible doesn’t use harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances (even in their mild lavender scented litter) to control odour in the litter box. Their unscented litter provides natural odour control by using highly absorbent material that traps in dreadful litterbox odour and inhibits the build-up of potentially harmful ammonia. It also gives off a natural scent that isn’t overwhelming to humans and cats seem to accept it.


  • A high-performance upgrade pick
  • Easy pour, easy scoop
  • Offers outstanding odour control
  • An unscented litter is great for sensitive cats
  • Low-dust litter easy to maintain and clean after
  • Exceptionally low-tracking cat litter
  • Well priced for quality offered


  • Clumping clay is heavier than most other cat litters


7.Purina Tidy Cats Breeze System (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 07

The Breeze system takes the hassle out of maintaining a litter box. The starter kit comes with a functional litter box designed with grated tray levels that hold the pellets on the top that holds the solid wastes but lets the urine pass through to an absorbent pad in the lower level.

The litter refills are incredibly amazing at keeping cat mess from getting scattered all over your home. It features an anti-tracking technique that works by completely dehydrating the solid waste while letting liquid waste through. The litter is weighty and doesn’t stick on your cat’s paws. This system also works as a superior odour control that leaves the litterbox always looking clean and smelling fresh.

Breeze pellets are free of clay or silica dust and are rated at 99.99% dust free. You won’t have to worry about cleaning dust spills every time you fill or shake the pellets. This actually helps sensitive cats feel better welcome to use their special box.

This is quite easy to use and economical too. Simply locate and scoop the solid waste daily and dispose of the pellets monthly.


  • Low maintenance due to practical breeze system
  • The wet pad keeps moisture in control
  • Solid waste is easy to locate and scoop from pellets
  • Highly absorbent non clumping pellets
  • Must be the best non tracking system
  • No dust situation


  • Not as effective at odour control, but it keeps the levels on the low
  • Non-biodegradable and not flushable


8.Feline Pine Platinum (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 08

This is a smart and healthy choice for your feline buddy. It is a natural cat product made from locally sourced wood shavings that are recycled to produce highly absorbent pellets. No chemicals or synthetic scents are administered into the pellets, making it safe for hypersensitive kitties and pet owners with allergic reactions.

This is also a lightweight litter and is far more absorbent than your regular clay litter. Its high absorption rate makes it good at eliminating ammonia odour. This is also the best at controlling that ‘special’ ferret odour.

No more tracking litter or dealing with dreadful smells that make you vacuum clean with chlorine tablets to deodorize. It actually makes things far much more relaxed and your home healthy.

Overall, a well-priced low-tracking cat litter that promises to make cleaning after your cat a breeze.


  • Highly-absorbent keeps litter box dry and clean
  • Pine pellets naturally lock in odours
  • Doesn’t clump for best low tracking performance
  • No additives or chemicals makes for a safe and healthy choice


  • Lightweight litter produces a lot of dust when the cat shakes off
  • Non-clumping, not ideal for multi-cat home


9.World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Formula (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 09

Have a low-flow toilet and want a completely flushable cat litter and clumps extremely well without forming waste? The World’s Best Cat Litter is what you need…literarily, that’s the name of this brand.

This is a cat litter that’s made using an incredibly fast clumping formula that crumbles and forms a ball around solid waste almost as soon as “Puff-Puff” does her thing. The quick clumping action makes scooping easy and retires your chisel to the garage toolbox.  You can easily scoop clumps without unnecessarily scraping the bottom of the litter box. And seeing as this is septic safe, I figure it saves you the rather uneventful trip to the waste bin.

Odour control isn’t a headache anymore. This litter effectively holds in the terrible smells that come of most litter box -that can even put the cat away- by inhibiting odour causing (disease causing) bacteria. The litter is crafted from whole-kernel corn so you know all this process is natural and safe for you and your cat. And, the fact that this litter doesn’t use any artificial perfumes that cats often find overwhelming, it kind of invites puff-puff to use their special room every time they have to go.


  • Completely flushable and septic safe
  • Easy to scoop
  • Superior clumping formula
  • Excellent odour and moisture control
  • Natural, doesn’t use additives or harmful chemicals
  • Essentially dust free


  • Don’t pour too quick, dust clouds rise from the small pellets


10.Lucy Pet Cats Incredible Lavender Scent (Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 10

Here’s a cat litter with reputation. From an interesting pet-loving company. Lucy Pet Cats Incredible is environmentally friendly and is made in California. You’ll pay slightly more compared to your average clumping clay, but this offers far more desirable systems and characteristics that every cat owner is sure to love.

This is a low maintenance cat litter with a dust free and low-tracking composition that makes cleaning a breeze. It’s a great choice, especially for cat owners how have their litter box in high traffic areas of the house. Makes odour control on high demand.

This is the scented litter that comes in a mild lavender fragrance that is pleasant to both you and your cat. The litter uses proprietary “smell squashing” systems that arrest litter box odour and prevents the build-up of harmful ammonia, making it a healthier, safer choice for you and your cat.


  • Scented product; pleasant mild lavender
  • Offers outstanding odour control
  • Low-dust litter
  • Low-tracking cat litter
  • Well thought out plastic container for easy pouring


  • Heavier granules
  • Non-biodegradable and not safe for septic


11.ökocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter(Check Latest Price)

Non Tracking Cat Litter 11

This is hands down a better wood-based litter than any such product you’d find in the market today. If you love the environment as much as you care for your cat, then this is ideal. And it’s well priced too.

Wood is naturally lighter than lay, making this litter far lighter than most. It is made from reclaimed lumber that is processed to make highly absorbent cat litter granules. No harmful chemical additives or artificial scents are injected to enhance the litter, it’s all natural.

Odour control on this litter is remarkable. Once Fluffy does her thing, the wet litter granules quickly and completely absorb the moisture in the waste and join together to form a hard and dry mass that’s easy to scoop away. It effectively keeps the litter box clean and dry for the next use. The fast clumping wood fibre seals in waste and inhibits ammonia formulation to keep your home smelling fresh for up to a week.

There is hardly any dust to speak of, and this makes the cleaning routine a whole lot easier. However, the ökocat Super Soft isn’t good a non-tracking litter as its Regular & Long Hair variations, which are a bit weightier and offer better low-tracking performance. Even so, I find that adding a scatter mat under the litter box works well to prevent litter from scattering all over your home.


  • Wood-based litter is safe for everyone
  • Offer better low-tracking performance
  • Highly absorbent litter granules keep moisture and odour in check
  • Hardly any dust
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Inhibits ammonia formulation


  • Minimal to high scattering


Last but Foremost

Cats are perhaps the most discerning pets there are. No matter how good of a low tracking litter you get, if she finds it the least bit unfitting, she’ll take her business elsewhere. And all you have sitting in the litter box is some expensive clay laden -but gingerly- with lavender sweetness. Point being, you need to get a cat litter that your cat will actually love. Otherwise, things will be counterproductive, to say the least.