We are from Shenzhen, China. And we established PetPetBuy.com in November 22, 2018.

Shenzhen is a big commercial city, a lot of young people come and go away every day.

When people leave, many of them can not take their dogs.

So you can see thousands of abandoned dogs walking along the street. Many of the dogs were abused or even killed by poison and the speeding cars.

Yes, the abandoned dogs are just like the kids who lose their mom.

I can see anxiety and helplessness from their eyes.

petpet buy

But we love dogs, they are always best friends of human.


When I was a little child, I went to school with my grandma’s dog everyday; and now when I am nearly 30 years old, I have a dream that I will save these abandoned dogs.


I have to do something right now.


My friend, Maopiao Wang, also a dog owner, and he loves dog very much.


So Wang and I established PetPetBuy.


We do not want to make much money with this shop, but we want to connect the world’s dog owners and lovers together, and help the dogs who need help. Not only save dogs from China, but also those all over the world.


In the start of our business, we plan to donate 30% of our profit, and with the time goes on, we will increase it , until 90%.


All the donation will be revealed to the public.


All of our products are from China, and we corporate with the most established manufacturers of dog supplies.


So if you are a dog owner, please follow our website;


If you are a dog lover, please follow us and share to your friends.


We hope all the dogs in the world find their home!